What to do if you phone died and it won’t power on or charge

If your battery is gone and your phone won’t turn on, even when you are trying to charge it, there are a few things that you can try to bring your device back to life. Keep in mind that smartphones are likely to go dead once the battery has been drained to zero. This is why, it is important to avoid getting to the stage in which the battery is completely gone.

Smartphones use lithium-ion batteries and for this type of batteries, waiting until the battery life is over before charging is not a good practice. Once you see that the battery indicator is becoming empty, connect your phone to a charger. If your battery has completely lost its power and you are not able to turn on the phone or charge it, you can try the below tips.

Make sure the problem is not caused by the power outlet
Although it may seem silly, the obvious solution is often the best option and it shouldn’t be dismissed. The issue to turn your phone on, may be due to the light switch of the wall outlet being turned off. If the light switch is not on, there would not be power coming from the outlet, which would prevent your phone from charging. Another related solution is to try a different power outlet to confirm that the problem is not caused by a power socket that is not working. Alternatively, you may try a computer or car charger instead of the wall charger. This may help you to give the battery a quick boost.

Take the battery out
One of the things you can try to solve the issue is to pull the battery out for a few minutes and then put it back again. Once the battery is back on the phone, connect the device to its original charger. It is very important that you use the charger that was included with the phone, or a suitable charger that is approved by the device’s manufacturer. Don’t use a charger that is designed for a different phone brand, even if it looks exactly the same as yours.

In some phones, the battery is built into the device and it is not possible to remove it. What you can do in the majority of cases is to perform a simulated battery pull by holding the volume down and power buttons at the same time while the phone is turned off. This would work for phones like Motorola Atrix HD and Sony Experia.

Continue charging the battery
Keep in mind that if the battery is completely drained, it may take a long while until your phone becomes responsive. Try to charge the battery for at least a couple of hours on an outlet that is working well. You can try other devices on the same outlet to confirm that they are charging and that there is no issue there. It is advisable to allow your phone to charge all night since lithium ion batteries are known for taking longer to charge once the power has been drained completely.

The battery may need to be replaced
If your phone remains unresponsive, even after trying the above suggestions, the answer could be replacing the battery. It is possible to find good deals online, but if the battery seems to be in a good condition (at least externally), the phone is new, or you have it for less than a year, you may be entitled to get a replacement under your device’s manufacturer warranty.

The issue may be the charger
As previously mentioned, you should use the appropriate charger for your device. If you tried a different battery and there is still no response, the charger may be the culprit. You may need to try a different one that is compatible with your device, or replace it with a new charger.

If everything else fails, you would need to consider that the problem may be beyond the accessories and components. It may be time to replace the phone itself. Check your warranty to see if it still covers you, or look for other options to get a new smartphone.

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