OS X Yosemite Features

Yosemite will be launched next fall and it marks Apple’s efforts to get their OS X and iOS closer to each other, connecting the Mac and iPhone experience. Yosemite brings new apps, an innovative interface and the chance to enjoy a continuous positive experience with Apple products. This would be possible with features such as the ability to answer calls in Mac using your iPhone or continue watching a video in your Mac that you started watching in your iPad, picking up from the same part where you left. Let’s take a look at some of the features that OS X Yosemite offers.

Simple, clear appearance
OS X Yosemite uses a level surface, translucent design with polished icons. This layout offers a sense of depth and allows to move one app on top of another or move them around. This translucency is applied to title bars for apps, with an appearance that adjusts to the desktop background.

An enhanced version of Spotlight provides an efficient interface that allows you to launch an app or look for a contact easily. All you need to do is type a few characters and in case you are looking for a contact, you will see emails and notification related to that person on the left side of the screen. If you search for an app, you will find recent information associated to that app. Spotlight lets you search for places of interest, restaurants or movie listings as well.


OS X Yosemite has a new Notification Center which has improved calendar options, weather alerts, etc. The Today view is customizable and you can add widgets (including third party widgets) at the bottom of the menu.

Mail has a new interface with faster performance and Yosemite also offers an important improvement in this area with Mail Drop. With Mail Drop you will be able to send large files as attachments without issues because it uses the cloud to support files with a size up to 5GB. Markup is another interesting feature that allows you to leave a note or add a drawing to an outgoing message. It is also possible to sign a document with the trackpad on Mac.

You can get instant access to your favourite websites in Safari. All your favourites will appear in a drop-down menu in the search field. The search bar will also give a brief summary of information from websites. There is also a new tab view that offers piled up information from all open sites, which will be available with a zoomed out view.

There are some aspects that are still not clear about iCloud features. While we know that it allows you to organize cloud-based data in any way you wish, it seems like it will be possible to sync stored files across devices, even with Windows PCs.

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