OpenDrive Review

OpenDriveFlexibility, security and reliability are some of the aspects that should be considered when looking for an online backup service. Flexibility allows you to backup any files you want, whenever you prefer it and it also lets you access your data from anywhere. Security ensures that your data is protected against loss and eavesdropping. Choosing a reliable online backup service ensures that you get top performance at all times. OpenDrive is a provider that strives to combine all these aspects, in order to offer a great experience for its customers. With OpenDrive, you can maintain your data secure and accessible and in this review, we will find out more about this service.

Getting Started
OnlineDrive is ideal for home users and business who are looking for a versatile solution to protect their data. It offers online backup and storage, as well as file sharing, syncing and collaboration features which means that you can protect and enjoy easy access to your files with the same service. You can maintain your files available when you need them and make any changes, no matter where you are. OnlineDrive is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and it can also be set up in Linux. There is also a well-designed web interface that ensures that you can access your files even if you can’t use your computer, or mobile device. You can also map OpenDrive as a network drive.
There is a free plan that gives you 5GB of storage space and that allows you to backup all your computers. The maximum file size supported in the Basic plan is 100MB and the speed is limited to 200 KB/s. The next option is the Personal Unlimited plan, which as the name suggests, provides unlimited storage space and backup support for as many devices as you want. It also offers unlimited speed and other features that are not available in the free version such as file versioning, file encryption and redundant backup. This plan costs $12.95 per month, or $129 per year.

Business users can also enjoy the full range of features that OpenDrive offers with a plan that is designed to protect crucial data with customization features, support for multiple users and the possibility of managing access from a centralized account. Administrators get complete control over staff accounts and can manage storage space, bandwidth, permissions to edit files and more. With OpenDrive, businesses can easily select what options are available for each account and they even have the possibility of creating groups of accounts that share the same set of permissions. The Business Unlimited plan costs $19.95 per month and $199 per year.

Flexibility is one of the highlights of OpenDrive and proof of that is the Custom plan, which allows you to select the features that suit your needs for a very convenient price. The Custom plan can be a Personal, or a Business plan according to your preferences. You can decide the amount of storage space that you want to pay for: from 500GB to 100TB. It is also possible to choose the bandwidth (between 25GB to 5TB) and the number of account users supported, which can be as many as 1000. The Custom plan for home users starts at $6 per month, or just $60 per year. Business users can pay as little as $7 per month or $70 per year.

How Does it Work?
OpenDrive provides convenient features that allow you to access and to manage your files effectively. You can even edit your files online, without having to download them, which will save you a lot of time when you need to work on a document while away from your home computer. All the updates are automatically synced to all of your devices so you can view them and make changes, no matter where you are. This is also very practical when you need to collaborate in a project with your colleagues, because you will not need to re-upload the document whenever the document is updated.

The mobile apps support the majority of functions that you get with the desktop software such as the possibility to upload, share and update your files. You don’t even need an internet connection because the files can be saved to your phone and accessed offline, using the app. It is even possible to stream songs or videos that are saved in your OpenDrive cloud, without having to download them. This is an option that gives OpenDrive the edge over its competitors as not many providers allow you to enjoy your media files anywhere you are. If you are constantly on the go, OpenDrive is an ideal service to choose, as its mobile apps are incredibly powerful and functional.

With OpenDrive, you can schedule backups to take place whenever suits you. That means that you can work on other tasks that require a lot of bandwidth and select the most convenient time to backup your data. OpenDrive automatically backs up any updates that you have made to your files with the cloud, ensuring that the latest versions can be accessed from any device, anytime you need them. Alternatively, you can set up backups manually, or schedule them daily, or just weekly. You can also pause a backup task to avoid any interruption or impact on the performance of your computer while you work on other tasks, and then resume it at a later time.

You can grant access to other users to your OpenDrive account, or share files with them easily without the size restrictions applied to email attachments. You can generate links to share your files via email, blogs, or your social media profiles. Sharing a link is easy and allows your recipients to access the data without any complications. Files are encrypted even before they leave your computer and then they are transferred using 128 bit encrypted SSL connection. All the premium plans provide zero knowledge encryption, which means that not even OpenDrive’s staff will be able to access your data. During storage, your information is secured with AES-256 encryption.

Customer Support
The website has a complete customer support center where you can find answers to the most common questions, the latest information about the service, tips from other users, and interact with the OpenDrive community. If you need technical assistance to solve an issue, you can submit a ticket, or get in touch with the support team via email, or phone.

OpenDrive aims to cover all the aspects required to ensure that you can effectively protect and access the files that matter the most. It is a versatile and simple solution that enables you to backup, store, share and sync your files. With OpenDrive you have flexibility to choose the option that better suits your online backup needs.

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