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Being self-employed gives you the freedom of managing your time and taking part on a wide variety of projects, but it also carries a lot of responsibility. While you may not be tied to the same rules of a regular job, you still need to be prepared to meet deadlines and to make sure that you are keeping on top of your commitments. Technology has enabled more people to work on their own and there are many industries in which it is possible to be your own boss and choose the jobs that you want to undertake.

Design, computer programming, journalism, translation services and video production are some of the fields in which freelancing is a viable alternative to a traditional employment. While working on your own has a lot of perks, there are also many administrative tasks that you will need to take care of and that is when a practical solution like OfficeTime becomes a must-have. This software offers impressive features that will help freelancers to manage their time effectively.

Productive Monkey’s OfficeTime is a multi-platform program that is not only an incredible tool for the self-employed, but also for small businesses that need an affordable option to manage productivity and track their expenses. With OfficeTime you can concentrate on your work, while the application helps you to track your progress and to organize billable hours and other expenses. OfficeTime is easy to use and offers a simple yet effective way of generating invoices for your work.

The software monitors the time spent on various projects and provides accurate data of costs for every minute worked or rounded approximately if you prefer it that way. OfficeTime is useful in a wide variety of situations and it would also suit small teams within a large company that need to keep track of the advance of a project.

For every business owner and independent contractors, OfficeTime is an investment worth making as the benefits it offers in terms of production and billing are substantial. It is a powerful program that can be customized to suit your needs and it is incredibly affordable. Every aspect of OfficeTime is designed to help users to improve productivity and to take care of some of the most monotonous tasks like invoicing.

The fact that OfficeTime offers flexibility and can easily adapt to your needs, is one of the things that make this software such an exciting solution. After exploring OfficeTime, we must admit that we were taken by its smart performance and simple, yet powerful functions. These are some of the reasons why OfficeTime is a crucial efficiency tool that will ensure that you meet all your targets, complete your tasks and focus on your work without wasting any minute.

What do you get from OfficeTime?
OfficeTime can really improve the way you work by organizing your time and expenses automatically. You can get a detailed overview of the time you have dedicated to a task, which will allow you to charge accordingly for your work. In the case of a team that is running a project, OfficeTime offers the possibility of tracking the budget and the performance of all members of the team. There are different options including categories, projects, sessions and expenses. You can organize your activities by assigning sessions to categories and projects to categories.

Every session comes with a record button and once you are ready to work you will need to press it to start tracking. OfficeTime will count the minutes and hours that you spend working on a task, until you press stop. When you start keeping track of a new project, OfficeTime will pause the one that has been previously recorded. This will help you to avoid confusion when invoicing your clients as two tasks cannot be recorded at the same time.The program is so flexible that it enables you to modify this setting in case you require it, as we will discuss later.
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OfficeTime’s daily tips offer helpful information on how to modify functions and make the most out of the tool. Sessions that are not billed by time, can be priced manually. You can also modify fields such as time, date, cost and notes whenever you want. OfficeTime also comes with a built-in reminder which can be configured as required. You can customize the notifications to receive them about anything and as often as you want. The program also gives you detailed reports of your work, including graphics, time, dates and expenses.

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OfficeTime lets you focus on creating and completing your projects, while it manages the time-keeping and invoicing aspects of your job for you. However, it is much more than a productivity tool, it provides the support and motivation that you need to get things done. OfficeTime ensures that you do not get overwhelmed by the tasks ahead and instead, it makes things simple by helping you to prioritize and take control over your workload.


The OfficeTime Experience
Before you start using OfficeTime, it is important that you take time to get familiar with the program. This will ensure that you can fully enjoy everything that OfficeTime can do to help you organize your business activities or any type projects. For experienced freelancers and small-businesses, it would be easier to understand how the program works and they will be able to learn to manage the features quickly. For those who are not used to tracking projects on their own it may take a little longer to figure out the correct way to track their performance. However, OfficeTime offers tips and tricks that will help any user to become an expert and the more you use the program, the more you learn about it.

After installation, you are greeted with a short guided tour that shows you how to use OfficeTime and takes you by the hand as you discover its fantastic features. The easy to follow instructions explain how to start tracking your tasks and how to customize options accordingly. For instance, the guide tells you how to enter details on what you are doing once you start timing. You can also adjust time and other information in a session easily, by selecting the session that you want to modify and then clicking on the data that you want to edit.

When you need to start keeping track of the time spent on a project, you can select New Project from the File menu. There is no limit to the number of projects that you can enter and if you want to change to a different task, you can click on the name of the project you want to work on. Once you press the Play button, time will start counting and if you leave or you are away from your computer for a predetermined period of time, you will get a notification to decide if you want to subtract the time, keep everything as it is or assign it to another project. OfficeTime understands that no matter how focused you are, something else may come up and it helps you to assign time accordingly.

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OfficeTime helps you to monitor the progress in any activity that you need to complete including office administration duties, a report for work or an essay for college. When you need to interrupt your work, you can simply stop the timer and once you are ready to continue, you can select the session and then click on the small Play button. The interface is clear and simple enough to ensure that you do not get distracted. It is there for you, easily accessible but without taking over your computer screen.

If multi-tasking is your thing and you need to switch between projects constantly, you can have as many windows as you need opened at the same time. This is a convenient way to keep an eye on many projects. All you need to do is to go to File, select New Window and choose the project that you want to open there. By default, once you start timing, any current timer will be paused. However, as you may have guessed, OfficeTime, true to the versatility that characterizes it, also offers the option of adjusting these settings. To track multiple projects simultaneously, you just need to go to Preferences then General and adjust the When Starting a Timer option.

The convenient features offered by OfficeTime include the ability to get an overview of the time spent on each project. You can go to Reports and choose a specific timeframe to see all the tasks you have been working on. It is also possible to view only a few projects by selecting Multiple Projects from the Project dropdown menu. You can customize your view to see only certain projects. To organize the timed sessions, you can assign them a category by selecting a session, clicking the category and then choosing New Category.

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When you set up a billing rate, the cost of your time will be automatically calculated. OfficeTime lets you create diverse categories with different rates to adapt to a wide range of tasks. The variety of options to organize your work makes OfficeTime a solution that can be adapted to any situation. It even gives you the possibility of entering time manually, in case you didn’t start the timer. This is a practical fix for contractors that land unexpected jobs while they are away from their computer or for cases in which you simply forgot to start timing you work.

One of the reasons why OfficeTime works in such an effective way is that is constantly improving based on users’ feedback. In fact, what OfficeTime users have to say about the software is crucial for its development as the tool aims to meet their needs. Productive Monkey strives to enhance its product and that dedication to offer the best possible experience for customers is what makes OfficeTime loved by many.

What OfficeTime offers is the possibility of getting more out of your time by handling your workload effectively. Mac and Windows users can benefit from everything that this fantastic solution offers for just $47 USD and an iPhone version is also available for $7.99 for tracking tasks on the go. With a vast selection of features, affordability and flexibility, it is clear that OfficeTime has the power to improve the way you work.

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