Norton Online Backup Review

Norton Online BackupOnline backup services have become the best option to prevent data loss because unlike hard drives and computers, they won’t be affected by natural disasters, floods or fire. If you only rely on your computer, or an external hard drive to get access to your data, you are putting your valuable information at risk. Computers are vulnerable to viruses, system issues, damage and theft. An external drive can stop working, or get lost and these are only a few issues that you can experience when you use physical storage methods for your digital files.

Online backup preserves your data in a remote, secure location, plus it allows you to get access to your files and to restore them whenever needed. This is why many users have chosen online backup services to avoid losing their valuable information. Finding a reliable provider is crucial, after all, you are putting your data in their hands. Norton is one of the most reputable names when it comes to anti-virus protection and they aim to offer the same quality in their online backup solution. We will take a closer look at Norton Online Backup in this review.

Getting Started
Many users will be compelled to try Norton Online Backup based on the recognition that the brand has earned through decades. An experienced team is in charge of this online backup service and as such, you can expect a good quality software and professional support. Norton Online Backup has a clean interface with well-organized tabs that help you to access the main options easily. While its features are limited when compared to other similar services, Norton stands out by providing support for up to five computers (Windows or Mac) in the same subscription.

Currently, there is only one plan that offers 25GB of storage space per year. The price for this annual subscription is $49.99 and as previously mentioned, it allows you to backup up to 5 computers. Although Norton explains that 25GB should be more than enough storage capacity for home users, you have the option of getting additional space for an extra fee. There is a 30-day free trial available if you want to give the service a try before paying for a subscription. The trial offers 5GB of storage and allows you to backup important documents and media files.

Norton Online Backup works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and above. The first thing you will need to do is to create an account and then you will be able to download the lightweight software and follow the simple wizard to complete the installation. Once the program is installed and running, data like Office documents, contacts, pictures and Internet Favorites will be saved. Setting up Norton Online Backup is easy and the program is ready to start backing up your data automatically in only a few steps.

How Does it Work?
To speed up the backup process, Norton’s service backs up new files and files that have been modified. Only the parts of a file that have been changed will be backed up, which helps to make the service faster and more efficient. The most up-to-date version of Norton Online Backup saves up to 90 days of file versions, which ensures that you can recover data, even if you made changes on a backed-up file by mistake. You can also search files, manage storage and exclude files from your backup list. Mapped network and local drives, such as USB key drives are supported as well.

Using the web version allows you to get more control over the data that is backed up and the backup schedules. You can use practically any browser to access Norton Online backup, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The web interface gives you an overview of all the devices you are backing up and it gives you options to set instant backups, change settings and restore data in any of them. Adjusting the settings is very simple thanks to the simple layout and clear tabs to choose what you what to backup and when.

You can easily include word documents, photos, music tracks, pictures, videos and other files in the backup process. Norton Online Backup also allows you to select file extensions and to determine which files and folders you want to back up. Since the storage capacity is limited, there is a handy option to see if you have enough space to backup the data you selected and how much you have left. You can also choose how often you want to backup the data: daily, monthly, or weekly. If you select the automatic option, the files selected will be backed up even when the computer is not in use.

Norton Online Backup also offers the possibility of backing up open files, which means that you can safeguard data like Outlook emails. You can control the bandwidth you want to allocate for the backup and adjust your preferences for notifications, as well. Norton also lets you search previous versions of your files without any hassle and you can easily share files from your online storage. You can password-protect the data you want to share to make sure it remains secure, but the recipient doesn’t need a Norton Online Backup account to access it. Speaking of security, it is worth mentioning that Norton uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your data during transfer and 256-bit for storage.

Customer Support
Norton Online Backup’s website contains a great selection of useful information, interesting facts about online storage and even funny details. There is a practical forum and a FAQ section that allows you to find out the most important aspects about the service. The information is presented in a clear, light-hearted manner to ensure that even users without technical knowledge can understand why backing up is crucial and why Norton is a top choice. User can also rely on the comprehensive customer support that Symantec offers through phone, live chat and email.

Norton Online Backup is a reliable solution that comes supported by Symantec’s solid reputation. While other providers in the industry offer a larger variety of features and a stronger performance, Norton is a good option to backup your most important data. It allows you to backup up to 5 computers using the same account, which is very convenient for home users and even small businesses. The fact that the service is easy to use and that you can count on Symantec’s expertise and excellent customer support, make Online Backup a trustworthy solution.

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