Nomadesk Review

NomadeskApart from avoiding data loss, computer users also need to ensure that they can access their files whenever they need them. Furthermore, since these days we can do business globally thanks to technology, there are many cases in which we need to collaborate in projects with people that are in a different location. This is when file syncing and file sharing become crucial and if you need a service that provides these capabilities (as well as online backup and storage to keep your data safe), Nomadesk is a good option to consider.

While Nomadesk is focused on syncing and sharing solutions for enterprise clients, it also offers good options for small businesses, plus it supports online data storage. If you are mainly concerned about accessing your files on the go and automated backup and versioning are not a priority for you, you can rely on Nomadesk. The service is ideal for anyone who needs to access important documents from different devices, or locations. You can find out more about Nomadesk’s functionality and performance in this review.

Getting Started
Based in Belgium, Nomadesk has over a decade of experience providing top file sharing and synchronization services for companies. They are committed to developing advanced solutions for enterprise-level customers and service providers who need to access and share data even without an internet connection. Nomadesk offers secure cloud storage with file sharing features, which is handy for customers who need to protect data from their computers (Windows and Mac), particularly laptops, which are more vulnerable to loss and theft. In addition, Nomadesk has applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Novadesk offers products that suit different business needs, but the common feature across all of them is the high level of security that is applied to the data. It is important to note that Nomadesk’s products are available through a selected network of resellers and distributors and there are no plans designed for home users. The most basic option is Nomadesk Public Cloud, which has a recommended subscription price of $10 per user, per month. This plans includes Unlimited storage, Theftguard Remote Wipe and Encrypted Local Drive (Vault).

Next is the HyperDrive option, which has an estimated subscription price of $54 per user, per year, when at least 10 licenses are in use. Nomadesk HyperDrive offers features like Active Directory Support, Virtual Appliance and Encrypted Local Drive. The most advanced solution is called On-Premises and it has to be purchased as a monthly recurring license per named user. Nomadesk On-Premises’ named user subscription license includes server software, desktop clients, server software, as well as support and maintenance. It also supports Theftguard Remote Wipe and Encrypted Local Drive. A 14-day trial is available in every option so you can try the service even before you get a full susbcription.

How Does it Work
Nomadesk is a powerful and convenient tool for working on important documents while on the go and collaborating with colleagues whenever required. It is also packed with features that prevent data loss and ensure the security of your information. We will take a closer look at the features that Nomadesk offers through its products, starting with Unlimited Storage. This is a must have for users that need to protect a large amount of files. Since Nomadesk supports unlimited storage, you can keep your data safe and accessible even if your computer crashes, or is stolen.

Whenever you update a file, or save a new one in the Vault (local drive), it gets automatically backed up to the cloud. Nomadesk backs up your files to redundant servers in the cloud, which ensures that you can recover them instantly whenever disaster strikes. You can retrieve files that have been accidentally deleted since Nomadesk keeps a configurable amount of daily backups, allowing to restore previous versions through the web portal. If a file is deleted from the shared local drive, you can still retrieve it from the Online Trashcan. Nomadesk has a Fair Usage Policy designed to prevent abuse of the system and to ensure that all users get the same satisfactory experience while storing data in the cloud.

Security is at the top of Nomadesk’s priorities and the service strives to provide high level of protection for your confidential business data with the Encrypted Local Drive. The Vault is a secure area that Nomadesk creates on your local drive, where all your files and folders are secured with 256-bit encryption. If Nomadesk is not running, your Vault is not visible, which prevents unauthorized access to your data. When Nomadesk is launched, you will need to enter your password (which only you know) in order to see the Vaults and get access to your files and folders.

Another convenient feature that Nomadesk offers to protect your information is the Theftguard Remote Wipe, which can give you peace of mind in case your computer or mobile is stolen or lost. Nomadesk allows you to remotely wipe your data using a unique number assigned to your device. You can remotely delete all files and folders on your cached Nomadesk Vaults. Furthermore, the unique number of your device can help you to locate the device using Google Maps. Thanks to the Theftguard Remote Wipe feature, you can avoid that your company’s data falls in the wrong hands.

FileLink is an option that allows you to share large files easily. If you right-click on a file or folder, a short URL will be created and you can send this link via email. The recipient only needs to click the link and the file will be downloaded from your Vault in the Nomadesk cloud. It is also possible to share the URL via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also set security settings (password-protect the links) to control access to the shared data. Another option to share data securely is to use FolderLink, which allows you to provide access to an entire folder, or to specific files on your secure server.

Sharing a Vault allows a team to collaborate in the same project, no matter where they are since everyone can see the same files and folders. Access, permission and security settings can be adjusted as required. Syncing your files and folders is very easy as all you have to do is to drag and drop them to your Nomadesk Vault, if they are not already saved there. Whenever you access Nomadesk, the tool scans the online Vault and automatically syncs the files that have been edited or added. The DeltaSync technology makes the synchronization process faster because it only updates the parts of the file that have been modified.

Customer Support
Nomadesk can be contacted via web form and live chat. Although the responses are not immediate and the live chat is only available during business hours, there is also a detailed knowledge base that includes a great deal of useful information. You can also find online guides and answers to the most common queries in the FAQ.

Nomadesk is a convenient “all-in-one” solution for businesses that require cloud storage, syncing and sharing functionality. It provides a high level of security for data, as well as practical solutions to collaborate in projects and to improve productivity across a team. It can reduce costs for a company as data can be accessed securely on the go and users can work on the same document even if they are in different locations.

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