Nomad: Portable Charging Solutions For Your Smartphone

One of the most frustrating things for mobile device users is to leave their house, ready to be away for hours and then realize that their battery is running out. Thankfully, there are many solutions that ensure that you can recharge your smartphone or tablet without requiring a cable and even in those situations in which you are away from a power source. San Francisco based start-up company Nomad, has some of the most convenient options available to help you charge your devices while on the go. Nomad‘s first product was the ChargeCard, a slim and convenient card-shaped USB/ lightning connector that could be carried within your wallet. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Nomad established its name as a company that constantly innovates to offer practical charging alternatives to the traditional USB/lightning cables. Let’s take a look at what Nomad has created.

It is very unlikely that you carry a USB/lighting cable with you all the time so when your phone’s battery is dying out, you are left without many options. You probably have found yourself asking around if someone has a charger that you could borrow, but with the NomadKey, you will no longer need to do this. NomadKey is a portable and flexible lightning to USB charging tool that resembles a house-key. You can carry it anywhere as it fits your keychain perfectly, ensuring that you will always have it handy when you need it.

Whenever your smartphone’s battery needs to be recharged you will have the necessary tool available. It has a high grade rubber centre that can be bent, offering a great level of flexibility and durability, while ensuring that you can charge your device even in the hardest places to reach. You can choose between Micro USB Cable – For Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry – and Lightning Cable for Apple devices. It is available for $29 USD.


Another great portable option is the NomadClip, which is shaped as a carabiner that fits onto your keychain or that can be carried around your belt or bag pack. This is another practical gadget to charge the battery of your smartphone without the need of having a USB or lightning cable with you at all times. Even though the scratch- resistant metal ring cannot be used for climbing or heavy lifting, it is very strong and well-built. It combines flexibility, convenience and durability. You can get it for $39 USD.

Finally, there is the NomadPlus, an outstanding portable charging solution that can help you to extend your battery life up to 100%. It works with the Apple USB wall plug and once it is charged, it can be used to restore the battery life in any smartphone or mobile device. All you need to do is to plug the NomadPlus into the wall, charge the iPhone from the USB port and your device, as well as the Nomad’s internal battery will be charged. This means that you can then use it to charge your device – Or another smartphone -even if there is no power source available. This convenient option is available for $39 USD. Nomad is working to launch a UK/ EU wall adapter compatible version.

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