NitroBackup Review

NitrobackupOnline Backup Services have become the favourite choice for many people who want to keep their important files protected in case of computer damage, lost or theft. Apart from being practical, effective and easy to use, online backup services are becoming more and more affordable thanks to the large number of solutions that are available. Regardless of your budget, technical skills or requirements, you will be able to find an option that is right for you. If you are looking for unlimited data storage, NitroBackup‘s NitroCloud is one of the services that you can consider. It offers speed, security and high technology to ensure that your files are kept for posterity. We’ll go through the main aspects about NitroBackup in this review.

Getting Started
NitroBackup was launched in 2012 by Texas-based company Stillwell Systems. NitroBackup is the main platform where users can find NitroCloud, the online backup solution that aims to provide an effective and affordable method to preserve your data. The fact that the service supports unlimited storage space will attract many users that prefer to have the option to save as much data as they want, without worrying about increasing the cost of their subscription. NitroBackup works with Livedrive as their data center and runs its technology to provide a great standard of flexibility and speed. The NitroCloud Desktop version is available for Windows and Mac. There are also mobile applications for Android and iOS, which give you freedom to access your files no matter where you are.

NitroBackup has solutions designed to meet the needs of every kind of users. The NitroCloud Home is the most suitable option for individuals that need to ensure that their important files are always available when they need them. It offers unlimited cloud storage and it automatically backs up all the data in your computer. You can easily create copies of your documents, photos, or videos and safeguard all the information that you care about. NitroCloud Home supports up to two computers and it is very easy to install, thanks to a simple wizard that takes you through the process. Apart from backing up your files, NitroCloud Home allows you to access your data from any device and web browser. The price per month is just $3.95 per month.

There is also a plan available for business users who need to back up all the computers in their organization. The NitroCloud Biz plan offers support for as many computers as you want and it includes all the features that you find in the previous plans. You can also enjoy peace of mind as all your files are protected with top level encryption and all the data that is handled in your company can be protected for just $10.95 per month. All the NitroCloud versions give you the possibility of trying the service for free fro 14 days. You can also get access to the mobile apps without additional cost and if you subscribe for a full year, you can get two months for free.

NitroCloud Sync is another option available and it combines all the backup functions supported by NitroCloud with syncing features that allow you to access your data across all platforms and devices. You can sync up to 500 GIG of your data stored to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. You can edit and work on your files from any computer, or device and all of them are updated automatically. NitroCloud Sync works as a new drive on your computer and once you save files there, they are synced online and between all your computers and devices. This gives you complete freedom to access your photos, videos and documents while on the go. NitroCloud Sync is a comprehensive solution that costs $89.95 per year, which is just around $7.50 per month.

How Does it Work
As previously mentioned, the solutions offered by NitroBackup stand out for their ease of use and for the convenience that their offer for anyone who wants to prevent data loss. NitroCloud’s application is powered by Livedrive, a well established service that is known for its flexibility and useful features. Once you have installed the software on your computer, all you need to do is to let NitroCloud know which files you want to include in the backup task and it will start protecting your data automatically in the background. Any updates you make to the files that are included in the folders monitored by NitroCloud, as well as any new files, will be saved to the cloud, ensuring that you have access to the latest versions of the files.

The Web Portal allows you to get access to your files at any moment, even if you are not able to use your computer because it has been damaged or lost, or because you are away from home. You can access the Web version from any browser and device. You even have the option to create a URL shortcut that will enable you to access your backups faster and easier. Choosing NitroCloud Sync enables you to get access to your files from all your computers and devices. You get unlimited backup, flexibility to access your data and 500 GIG dedicated storage that syncs every file to all the computers connected. Once you edit a file, the changes will be available across all your devices.

NitroBackup also supports file sharing with a simple click and it does not restrict your bandwidth. It promises to store your data using top encryption. It also supports SSL transfers between computers and cloud servers to ensure that your data remains private and secure at all stages. Redundancy is applied across multiple physical locations so even if a server is impacted by failure or any natural event, you will be able to recover your files.

Customer Support
The website includes a knowledgebase and FAQ section that provides most of the information that you will need to set up and to use NitroBackup solutions, but if you need personalized assistance you can get in touch with their technical support by submitting a ticket. Unfortunately, there is no live chat or phone support available.

NitroBackup is a low priced online backup service that provides all the features that will enable you to avoid losing your files in case anything happens to your computer. While some users would not be so sure about the fact that it doesn’t use its own technology (it relies on Livedrive), NitroCloud and NitroCloud Sync are very affordable, simple and easy to use options that may suit you if you don’t have advanced requirements.

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