How to Mute Someone on Twitter

Twitter gives people the chance to show how witty they are, or to share food for thought with the rest of the world as long as they can express themselves in 140 characters or less. Many people love to rant on Twitter, others share too much information and some seem to suffer from compulsive tweeting and fill your Timeline with every single thought that crosses their mind. Sometimes these Tweets can be quite amusing but in other cases, they may be incredibly annoying. If you are not in the mood to read someone’s Tweets but can’t bring yourself to unfollow them, you have the option to mute them.

Muting is a relatively new feature that allows you to hide future Tweets from a user that is getting on your nerves. When you mute someone, their Tweets will stop appearing on your Timeline but you will not need to unfollow them or block them. The best thing is that the user will not be notified when you mute them and you can unmute them at any time. This functionality is available on the website and also works with the Twitter apps for iOS and Android. The process is slightly different but in every case, you will still be able to see their profile and receive notifications when the muted user replies to your Tweets or mentions you.

One of the advantages of muting someone instead of unfollowing them, is that you can still direct message them if needed. Furthermore, if you can’t stand someone’s Tweets but don’t want to risk losing a follower (in case you only followed them for a follow back), muting allows you to avoid reading their pearls of wisdom without being removed from their list of followers. Muting is also a great solution for coping with bad Tweets from those you love. Let’s face it, as much as you care about your friends and family, their Tweets may bore you to death. The good news is that instead of breaking their heart with an unfollow, you can mute them and avoid any hassle. Here we tell you how to mute someone in Twitter.

Muting someone from their profile/ from a tweet

1. Go to the user’s profile
2. Select Settings (the gear icon) and choose the Mute option from the drop-down menu
3. If you are using the iOS or the Android app, tap Mute and “Yes, I’m sure” to confirm
You can also mute a user by tapping on one of their tweets, then select the … icon and tap Mute, followed by “Yes, I ‘m sure”.
Mute profile on twitter

Unmute a Twitter user
If you only wanted to “ban” someone’s Tweets from your timeline temporarily, you can unmute them at any stage. When you mute someone, their profile will show a speaker icon with a red line across. You can unmute them by clicking the icon and soon you will see their Tweets back on your Timeline. Remember that if someone is really spoiling your Twitter experience, you can always block or unfollow them. However, for those cases in which you only need to get a break from their rants, their celebrity/sports obsession or anything else that is annoying you about their Tweets, your best bet is to mute them.

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