Multifunctional iPhone 5/5S cases: Task One, myTask Urban, Bike and Stash

Gone are the days in which an iPhone case was only meant to protect your device. Thanks to the creativity and vision of many manufacturers, iPhone cases are now capable of much more than just keeping your phone safe.

For many people, convenience is the most important aspect of any product that they purchase and with a multifunctional iPhone case, users will be able to enjoy a very practical accessory. One of the best options available for those who want an iPhone case that can do a lot of things is TaskLab’s TaskOne. TaskOne includes a wide variety of tools that will allow you to be prepared for anything that comes up. Apart from protecting your iPhone from damage thanks to its great resistance, the TaskOne G3 for iPhone 5/5S offers serrated knife, sawblade, a ruler, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener and more. It costs $99.95 and comes in black, tan, red and orange.

TaskLab recently launched two other amazing and more affordable iPhone cases: myTask Urban and myTask Bike, which are designed to suit people that are usually on the go and want to enjoy the convenience of a multitasking accessory that could come to their rescue when the unexpected happens. Here is what you can get with these multifunctional iPhone cases.

myTask Urban

While TaskOne is an ideal DYI solution that allows you to tackle any minor repair task without the need of carrying a tool kit around, myTask offers two versions (Urban and Bike) that aim to help users with more specific needs.

MyTask Urban is very handy for those who want to look good and be ready for a night out. It includes a mirror, scissors, nail-file and tweezers, as well as a bottle opener. It is also a practical accessory for work, thanks to its USB drive, pen, touchscreen stylus and mini-LED light. It can save you a lot of space and hassle, since you can find all these items in the same place. You can get it for $80 and it is available in red and black.

myTask Bike

For a price of $49.95, myTask Bike offers tools needed by those who love to cycle, all packed in one convenient lightweight case. It comes with everything that you would need to keep your bike going, without the need to carry a heavy tool kit. It comes in red and black and the tools included are:

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 15mm Spanner
  • Six Allen Wrenches
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Four Box Wrenches
  • Two Spoke Wrenches
  • Two Tire Irons
  • Four Tube Patches
  • Bottle Opener

myTask Stash

If you want the freedom to carry what you need, you can opt for myTask Stash ($29.95), one of the most popular models of iPhone cases created by TaskLab. MyTask Stash allows you to keep cards, a USB drive, money or any other small items in your case. It works like a small compartment in which you can put any thin objects that you need to keep safe and handy.

These multifunctional iPhone cases combine protection, useful tools and a slim design to provide a great solution for users that look for convenience. While the tools make the case slightly bulkier than regular cases, it is nothing that would be too noticeable. On the end, it reduces the space and weight that you would have to put up with if you were carrying all these tools individually. TaskLab’s products also fulfil their main role as iPhone cases by keeping the device safe from scratches and drops.

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