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MozyKnowing that your data is protected and that you would be able to restore it no matter what happens is what makes backing up so important. There are different methods available, but online backup services are the preferred option for many users since they are convenient and don’t require additional hardware. Mozy is one of the providers that aim to keep your data safe and always available when you need it. It has gained popularity thanks to its simple approach to file storage and online backup. Additionally, Mozy offers a high level of security and a great set of features, which make it a solid solution to preserve your files. To help you decide if Mozy the best option for your backup needs, we will explore the most important aspects of this service.

Our Review of Mozy

Getting Started
Mozy is part of EMC Corporation, a multi-national company that is has gained recognition for providing reliable cloud backup, file syncing and access services. Mozy was established in 2005 and it started as a traditional online backup service designed to safeguard your files, giving you the possibility of restoring them in case of accidental removal, system issues, or other incidents that could result in loss of data.

Since its creation, Mozy has evolved and has added convenient options like file syncing, which enables users to access their files whenever needed, even when they are on the go. To make this possible, apart from offering support for Windows and Mac, Mozy offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. This extended compatibility gives you more options to access your files and to restore them.

There is a free online backup plan that allows you to discover what Mozy offers without signing up for a full subscription. You can create a Mozy account without having to provide credit card details and you will get 2GB, which lets you to backup up a few essential files. This plan doesn’t have a limited period of time and you can increase the storage capacity by referring friends. If you want a larger storage capacity and enjoy the possibility of backing up data from multiple computers, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans that Mozy offers.

Individual users can opt for MozyHome, a plan that offers all the backup, storage and syncing capabilities that Mozy supports. The first option gives you 50GB and it is priced at $5.99 per month. The 50GB plans allows you to backup one computer and if you pay in advance for a full year ($65.89, which is $5.49 / month), you will get one month free. You can also pay for two years in advance, which would not only reduce the monthly cost (you pay $125.79, which is $5.24 per month), but will also give you three additional months for free.

The next tier of the Home plan lets you backup up to 3 computers and it gives you 125GB for $9.99 per month. One year of this plans costs $109.89 ( $9.16 per month) and you get one month free of charge when you pay in advance. The price for two years is $209.79 ($8.74 per month) and you can enjoy three additional months, when you choose Mozy as your backup solution for this extended period of time. In both versions of the Home plan, it is possible to add more computers paying an extra fee of $2 per month, for each device. To increase the storage capacity, you will need to pay the same amount per month for every 20GB you add.

Although we have focused on what Mozy offers for individual users, the truth is that the service is mainly designed as a business solution. There are two business plans: Pro and Enterprise, which provide advanced features like remote backups, Active Directory Integration and remote backups. All the plans give you the option of using Mozy Sync, which enables you to sync your data across multiple devices so you can always access your photos, documents, videos, or music, no matter where you are. Any file that is tied with Mozy Sync will be accessible online and through the mobile apps. The most updated version of your files will be available on any device connected to your account.

How Does It Work
Mozy’s interface features a good design that displays the main functions in a clear and organized manner, ensuring that you can easily access the options that you need and adjust the settings as required. After installing Mozy, the program will attempt to perform a backup of your entire computer. This may take a few hours, or even a few weeks, depending on your internet connection speed and the amount of data you have. Once the first file backup is completed, the window will display the Restore tab, which enables you to retrieve data.
The Backup Set Editor lets you apply rules to include or exclude files from the backup process. You can choose what you want to backup and leave out files that you don’t really need anymore. Mozy saves files to the cloud and also to an external drive, giving you the chance of applying double protection for your files in case you computer is damaged, or stolen. With Mozy, you get full control over your backup scheduling and the amount of bandwidth used. You can schedule backups to take place as often as you want: daily, weekly, or continuously.

The individual plans offers limited file versioning (30 days), but the restore process is very simple. You can search for files or browse through the folders and you can easily find previous file versions. Simply, select the date you want and you will be able to restore the files available from that day. One of the best things of the restore process is that the files are placed back in their original location by default. This makes things easy and helps you to save time looking for the data or copying it back to where it was meant to be.

Mozy has centers around the world, which means that you will never have to worry about losing your information because it is stored in multiple locations. In terms of security, you can choose between 256-bit AES private encryption key or 448-bit Blowfish key. Your data is protected with 128-bit encryption while it is transferred, to ensure that its is not intercepted by third parties. The private encryption key gives you more control over the safety of your data as only you can get access to it.

Customer Support
Mozy has an experienced team that is always willing to provide help and answers to your questions. You can get in touch via email and live chat. There are also great tutorials, guides, a forum and a knowledge base that includes detailed information about the service. As previously mentioned, Mozy is a solution that is mainly aimed at business users. As such, phone support is only available for Pro and Enterprise accounts.

While Mozy’s automatic backups and file syncing capabilities make it a solid option, the fact that it doesn’t offer unlimited storage capacity is one of its main downsides. Furthermore, Mozy doesn’t let you keep old versions of your files, as all your deleted files are deleted after 30 days. Compared to other options that don’t have these kind of restrictions, Mozy’s Individual plans may seem a bit more expensive. However, one thing to consider is that the service has been around for a long time and it is one of the most reliable solutions available. If you are looking for effective and secure backup, Mozy is an option that deserves to be considered.

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