MinuteCast (formerly known as SkyMotion): an app that tells you exactly when it’s going to rain

In many cases, the weather can really make or break your day, which is why there is so much interest in weather reports and tools that let us know if we need to prepare for rain. Since the mobile device revolution started, weather apps gained a lot of attention because they are practical ways to find out if we can expect a sunny day, or if we need to carry an umbrella. There is a huge selection of weather apps available and while they share a common purpose, the interfaces and the information provided are different. SkyMotion was a popular app that focused on telling users whether it was going to rain or not in their exact location. Compared to other weather apps, this was a basic function, but this simplicity made SkyMotion a favourite for many people.

SkyMotion used proprietary technology that allowed it to offer weather reports for a particular location. Instead of getting general weather information for an entire city, SkyMotion’s users were able to find out how the weather was going to be like in their specific area, at a determined time. Simply put, the app would tell you if it was going to rain and at what time. However, SkyMotion is no longer available, or at least not in its original form. The app was acquired by AccuWeather in 2013, with the intention of using its technology to offer a minute-by-minute weather forecast tool for mobile devices.

The “new” SkyMotion
SkyMotion is now called MinuteCast and although the interface has changed, it keeps the essential purpose of detailed precipitation forecasts for an specific location. MinuteCast stands for innovation in weather forecasting technology and it also works as a community based solution that is updated with information submitted by users. MinuteCast allows you to find out exactly when will it rain. The apps aims to offers highly precise details, letting you know the minute it will start and stop raining or snowing in your area, within a period of two hours. At the moment, MinuteCast only offers reports for users in North America (United States and Canada), but AccuWeather plans to expand the service to other regions.

In order to get precise weather information, you will need to enable GPS to let the app detect your exact location. With MinuteCast, you can also check the weather forecast for locations that are listed in your address book. The app offers severe weather alerts and tornado warnings. As we previously mentioned, there is a function that enables users to submit weather observations for their location. The app is free to download, but if you want to remove the ads, you will need to upgrade through in-app purchase ($2.99). MinuteCast is available in Google Play and the App Store.

MinuteCast works well, but it tends to be slow and the interface is overly complicated. Users who were familiar with the original SkyMotion, would miss the app’s quick performance and simple functionality. Still, MinuteCast is a practical app that helps you to plan your day, based on accurate and precise weather predictions.

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