Top 5 Military-grade cases for iPad Air

It is not very easy to find Military-grade case for the iPad air. Even though many users want the highest level of protection, there are only a few models available in the market. Since an iPad can be extremely useful in many environments as it allow you to complete a wide variety of tasks, it is understandable why many people need to bring it along with them. This is why military-grade protection is the aim of many users that want to make sure that their device is protected at all times. These type of cases do not come cheap but if you are looking for the strongest level of protection for your iPad, they are a worthy investment. Military-grade cases will protect your iPad from dust, spills or drops, allowing you to enjoy your device for longer. Here are some of the top choices when it comes to keeping your iPad safe.

Otterbox Defender Series
The Defender Series by Otterbox have earned a solid reputation as great option to keep your iPad Air or iPad 5 guarded. The military-grade case is slimmer than other models from the series and it includes a screen cover that keeps the iPad safe from scratches and spills. The Military-Grade case from Otterbox Deefender Series, promises to provide complete protection from impact and scrapes. You can also use the case as a stand to enjoy videos or movies comfortably. Price range: $59.95 – $89.99.

Tridents’ Aegis case
At first sight, the Aegis case may not seem to be as tough and strong as it is. Its thin design would not make you think about strong protection for your iPad Air. However, this sturdy, shock-absorbent case offers powerful drop-protection that guarantees that your iPad is safe, even after falling on concrete. It also comes with dust filters and its price is lower than other similar options available. Price range: $26 – $49.95

Griffin Survivor
Griffin has a simple and sturdy design that does not stand out immediately. However, with closer inspection, you will understand why this case is recognized as a top choice to keep your iPad safe. It comes with impressive features such as port protection from dust, sand and display shield that avoids rain and wind. With the Griffin Survivor you can enjoy outstanding protection from drops and the elements. Price range: $40 -$79.99

Gumdrop iPad Air Drop Tech Series
Even though Gumdrop is not generally recognized for offering a high level of protection, the Drop Tech series meets the criteria for users that are looking for a military-grade case for their iPad. The corners have reinforced rubber bumpers and the material of the case offers multiple layers of shock absorption. It includes screen cover and it is convenient, thanks to its lightweight design. Price range: $35 – $59.95

aXtion Bold by Joy Factory
Even if you want to use the strongest case to protect your iPad, you probably prefer not to add too much weight or bulk to your device. That is why options like aXtion Bold from The Joy factory, aim to provide a case that is secure and slim at the same time. The aXtion Bold offers a high level of protection against spills, drops, scratches and more. It comes complete with a screen protector that offers protection without affecting the functionality of your device. It is comfortable, sleek and it is even water-resistant, offering full coverage for your iPad. Price Range: $39 – $58.99.

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