Mevvo Review

mevvoMillions of users around the world trust in online backup services as a convenient, affordable and effective method to safeguard their important data. Losing photos that mean a lot to you, or documents that are crucial for your company can be a really frustrating experience, but if you rely on a solution that allows you to keep your files safe in the cloud, you will be prepared to avoid any disaster. One of the main things that users look for in an online backup service is ease of use. Mevvo is one of the options that can help you to maintain your data protected without any hassle and for a reasonable price. This online backup and cloud storage service was established in 2011 and it offers features that allow it to compete with the top options in the industry. In this review, you will find out more about what makes Mevvo an option worth considering.


Getting Started
Since one of Mevvo’s main goal is to provide a simple backup solution for all customers, regardless of their level of technical knowledge, you can expect a user-friendly interface, along with a an easy installation process. The software works with Windows (XP, 7, 8, Server), Mac OS X (from Snow Leopard to Yosemite) and it also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. Mevvo is designed to keep copies of your valuable data to ensure that you can get access to it, even if your computer is destroyed or stops working. Since Mevvo offers unlimited backup space, you can backup your entire computer without any issues.

Installing Mevvo only takes a few minutes and once it is running on your computer, you will be able to start protecting your data easily, even if it is the first time you use a program of its kind. The software works discreetly in the background, which means that it will not have an impact on your computer’s performance and you can work on other tasks while Mevvo takes care of your files. It also allows you to access your files from any web browser of device and you can also restore your files in one step. There are four unlimited backup plans available and the pricing structure depends on the number of computers supported.

The first option is the Personal plan, which allows you to backup one computer for $4.95 per month. If you have multiple computers at home, the best option would be the Family plan, which gives you the possibility of backing up data from up to 3 computers for $8.95 per month. The next plan is the Pro, which offers support for up to 5 computers for $13.95 per month. If you need to backup a large number of computers, you can choose the Unlimited plan. This is a good option for businesses as it lets you save copies from all the computers you want for a monthly price of $34.95. You can try the service for free for 30 days, without having to provide your card details.

Mevvo also has cloud storage plans that enable you to sync all your computers and access your files online, or from your mobile device, no matter where you are. These plans work as an external hard drive that keeps your information secure in the cloud. The Personal cloud storage plan gives you 512GB of storage for $49.95 per year. The Family plan enables you to store in the cloud up to 1TB for a yearly price of $69.95, while the Pro plan offers 1.5TB for $89.95 per year. The Unlimited option offers 2TB of storage space for $109.95 per year.

How Does it Work
Mevvo’s Backup plans let you backup as much data as you want for a very convenient price. All plans provide file versioning that allow you to keep up to 30 versions of your files, which means that if you update a file by mistake, you would still have the possibility of recovering the version you need. Furthermore, deleted files are kept for up to 30 days so if you accidentally delete something, you can still retrieve it. You can set up backups to take place every hour or every couple of days and you can also decide what time you prefer the backup to occur.

Keep in mind that Mevvo Backup would not enable you edit your files online and it is only meant to help you to keep exact copies of the files stored on your computer. If you need to edit documents online, your best option would be to choose the cloud storage service. Mevvo Cloud Drive also gives you the possibility of upload files and folders to your personal cloud storage account. You can access your files through the application on your computer, or through Mevvo’s online portal which means that your files are always at your reach, anywhere you are. Files stored on Mevvo’s servers are encrypted using AES-256 encryption to ensure that no one else is able to decipher your information.

Customer Support
Mevvo’s website is very basic, but it contains the most important details about the service and it is easy to navigate. There is a Support section that includes a useful knowledgebase and a FAQ section with information organized in the most relevant topics. You can also reach the customer support team via live chat, or email based ticket support system, which offers responses within 48 hours.


Mevvo is one of the most affordable unlimited backup solutions you will find and it offers the main features that you need to ensure that your files are available when needed. It is important to select the option that suits your needs and with Mevvo’s clear price structure and plans, you can easily decide what is the right solution for you. While Mevvo doesn’t seem to update its technology as often as other services, it provides reliable and practical online backup and cloud storage solutions.

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