Memopal Review

MemopalSince every computer user has important files to protect in case of system failure or hardware damage, there is something for everyone in the world of online backup services. The wide variety of online backup providers available means that you are bound to find the right option for your needs: from highly advanced solutions for enterprise users, to simple tools that can help you to backup a few personal photos and documents. Some companies have the kind of technology that can support both home and business users.

Memopal is one of the best examples of a service that caters for all kinds of customers. The company was established in 2007 and it has earned recognition for its powerful features and great performance. Memopal has an extensive experience protecting your files and ensuring that you can access to them anytime. If you are looking for an online backup service and would like to know if Memopal is worth considering, keep reading to find out more about this provider.

Getting Started
Memopal has over one million customers around the world and they offer the same great level of service for individuals and for their corporate clients, which includes TTNET (the largest internet provider in Turkey) and hard-drive solutions giant HGST. Memopal supports 16 languages and multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS and Blackberry. It works with proprietary storage technology, MGSF (Memopal Global File System), which is also used by leading telecommunication companies.

There are three plans available, including a free option that offers up to 3GB of storage, for a single user. You can use the same account for all your devices. The next plan available is the Pro plan, which allows you to store up to 500GB for $79 per year, per user. This means that the price per month is around $6.58, which makes Memopal a competitively priced solution. The Pro plan includes and admin control panel and you can get support for up to 10 users, but if you require an advanced solution for your business, the best option is the White Label plan.

White Label offers a fully customizable services with solid features that allow large enterprises to backup their data and the data of their customers. Memopal’s White Label has built-in user management, SDK, API and Desktop, as well as website and mobile applications. The service also gives Enterprise users to host their cloud storage in Memopal’s data centre, or in their own data centre. White Label is designed for large businesses that need a complete solution to store and manage their data.

Installing Memopal would only take a few minutes and after completing the signing up process, you will be able to start backing up your data without delay. Once Memopal is in your computer, it will select your document folders by default and will include them in the backup set. However, you also have the option to manually select the folders that you want to back up. You can also schedule automatic backups to take place every day, every week or every month. These will run in the background without interrupting other tasks. Memopal has a well-designed user interface in both the web version and the applications.

How Does it Work
You can select the files that you want to backup through the web based version, or through the applications installed on your computer and mobile devices. The dashboard gives you an overview of the backup status and from there, you will also have the option to access your files online or to restore them. Memopal offers real-time automatic backups, which ensures that the data is saved as it is updated on your computer. This means that any changes you make on a file, will be immediately reflected on your Memopal account.

Memopal automatically adjusts the speed of backups and also allows users to adjust it, manually using a practical slider. It is important to keep in mind that files larger than 200MB, will not be included in the backup set by default. While this can be modified, there is still a file size limit of 10GB. While the upload and download speeds also depend on your internet connection, Memopal offers a service that is fast enough for most customers. To share files, all you need to do is to drag them to the Share inbox and a link, which you can send via email, will be generated.

Truth to be told, the option to restore data is not as simple as using the other features because it is not possible to look for specific files to restore. You will need to select the Restore button and then double click through a list of folders in order to find the one you wish to restore. Other online backup services may make things more straightforward, but Memopal’s restore feature works well overall, and once you select the folder that you wish to restore, you can decide where you want to save it.

You can also restore your data using the web version of Memopal, which allows you to search for specific files to restore. It is also possible to recover previous versions of files, you can do this by right- clicking on a file, then select Versions and look for the option that you want to get restored. This is a very useful option in case you updated a file by mistake, and need to recover a previous version.

To protect your data during transfer, Memopal provides 128-bit encryption with SSL, which is the security used by many financial institutions. Before any data is transferred, the client verifies the server certificate to make sure that the information is not intercepted by third parties. Files are stored with RAID-5 technology and mirrored to multiple locations to ensure that your data can be retrieved, even if there is an issue with one of the servers, or data centres where the files are kept. There is no option available to create your own encryption key, which would be disappointing for many security conscious users.

Customer Support
Memopal’s support team can be contacted via email, phone and ticket support system. Even though there is no live chat available, they usually reply to the tickets raised within a few hours. Additionally, there is a comprehensive FAQ section that is worth checking before creating a ticket.

Memopal is already a well established solution, but it continues working to provide a top level service for large companies and home users. Although other providers offer a higher level of encryption (256-bit AES), Memopal still ensures that your files remain secure and protected at all stages. Memopal’s real-time backups are a remarkable feature that ensures that any change you make to a file instantly backed up. The main appeal of Memopal is that it offers an effective online backup solution without complications. It is also conveniently priced.

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