MacX Video Converter Pro for iPhone/ iPad

In order to make things easier and more convenient, many users would prefer to access all their favourite videos from one place. Since iPhone and iPad offer so many possibilities and are so popular, it is likely that users that are constantly on the go will want to access their files from these mobile devices. If you have a large collection of HD videos in different formats, the ideal solution would be to be able to keep them all in your iPhone or iPad. This is possible thanks to a video converter that will allow you to transfer and convert you videos to a format compatible with your mobile device. MacX Video Converter Pro is one of the best solution thanks to its extensive format support. It supports over 370 codecs for audio and video and it is also very easy to use. Here is what you can do with MacX Video Converter Pro:

Bring all your videos along with you
With MacX Video Converter Pro you can take videos from the web or familyclips with you, wherever you go since you can convert it to a file compatible with your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to the extensive codec support that it offers and that includes output to WMV,MPEG4, FLV and more, MacX is a versatile solution that will allow you to keep your videos handy whenever you want to watch them.

Convert and edit videos
MacX Video Pro Converter provides a comprehensive solution that allows you to download, convert and edit video, as well as to create photo slideshows and record screen. It is possible to convert HD videos from camcorders, YouTube videos and more, fast and without sacrificing quality.

Wide selection of features
Apart from converting videos to a format compatible with iPad/iPhone, MacX Video Converter Pro offers a great set of features that make it stand out from other video converters. It is considerably faster than other solutions and the fact that it can convert videos from many different sources, including cam recorders, means that you can transfer your family memories easily and conveniently. The screen recorder for Mac OS adds up to the functionality of this software.

Overall, MacX Video Converter Pro stands out from its competitors thanks to its speed, great performance and versatility. While there are many free video converters available, they lack the advanced features that you can get with MacX Video Pro Converter Pro, which is available for just $34.95. You can download a free trial to get an overview of this service and you will realize why it is an investment worth making if you want to get a full selection of features to convert your videos.

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