MacPaw CleanMyMac 3 – Cleanup and maintenance for your Mac made easy

CleanMyMac 3 IconCleanMyMac 3 from MacPaw is one of the most practical and easy to use solutions to clean your Mac and it is an ideal software for people who need a simple method to maintain their system uncluttered. MacPaw is an independent developer that specializes in creating top quality software that is supported by OS X. Their experienced team aims to offer products that use the latest technology and that at the same time, are very easy to use. The original CleanMyMac software has been upgraded and the new version provides enhanced performance and additional features. Let’s find out more about MacPaw’s CleanMyMac.

CleanMyMac works with Mac computers running OS X 10.8  and later. A single license is available for $39.95. You can also purchase a license for two computer for $59.95, or a license for 5 machines for just $89.95. Another option is to get the Golden Package, which includes two licenses, one sent via email and one shipped on a convenient 8GB USB drive. When you purchase CleanMyMac, you can get Gemini for a special price of only $6.99. Gemini is a useful tool that can also help you to save space and optimize your Mac. It scans your computer, identifying duplicate files and removing them.

One of the main differences between CleanMyMac 3 and its predecessor is the interface. The new version of CleanMyMac offers a revamped interface that is both appealing and well-organized. Users can easily access all the options and complete cleaning tasks within minutes, thanks to a simple interface that features large buttons and clear functions. Once you open the software, you can click the scan button that appear at the centre and it will start analysing each tab available. The tabs are related to different options and they include the below:

System Cleanup: This tab is related to cache, log files, language files, software updates and other system data.

iPhoto Cleanup: This tab includes backup copies of photos in your iPhoto library that have been edited. When you use iPhoto and alter the images (rotating them, adjusting the colour, etc.), the backup copies are saved in your library.

CleanMyMac2 scans the iPhoto library, deletes the originals and saves the edited versions of the images.

Trash Cleanup: This tab gives you the option of emptying the system trash folder, the trash of any external drives and iPhoto trash.

Automatic Cleanup: This tab allows you to automatically clean the System, iPhoto and Trash Cleanup tabs from any elements that are not essential.

Large & Old Files: Designed to scan all your files and folders to locate the largest files. The tab can determine if the file has been opened recently and if it hasn’t, it would be marked as a candidate for deletion. You will be given the option to remove an old file that you no longer need, in order to save space.

Uninstaller: This option allows you to scan and get rid of existing applications completely. It leaves no trace of files or data, freeing up space effectively. You will also have the possibility of resetting some applications to their original state.

Extension Manager: A convenient feature to edit and remove any third-party plugins and extensions that you have previously installed.

: With Eraser, you can delete any file or folder in its entirety. Keep in mind that data removed using this feature cannot be recovered, not even with third-party software designed for this purpose.

When the tabs are analysed, CleanMyMac will present you details about the amount of space that could be potentially cleaned. The software scans your computer with great speed and accuracy, making things easy and fast. What makes CleanMyMac2 stand out from other similar tools is that it has a user-friendly interface that allows you to select with precision, the files you want to remove. Plus, it offers advanced features for a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that while the software is designed to avoid the removal of crucial system files, it is important to make sure that you pay attention to the data that would be deleted before clicking the Clean button. The software offers a powerful performance so it is recommended that you keep an eye on the clean-up process to ensure that important files are not deleted by mistake. The best thing is to follow the process closely instead of letting the tool do all the work. This will reduce the risk of losing files that you still need.

The fact that CleanMyMac doesn’t have smart functions to recognize an essential file and that you would need to keep an eye on the clean up process, could be considered downsides as users prefer fast solutions that can take care of all the tasks with little input needed. While the tabs are useful, there are some options that could potentially cause loss of important data.

Although you will need to spend some time checking the data that is listed for removal to verify that there are no files that you want to keep, the truth is that CleanMyMac is still a convenient way to clean up and optimize your Mac computer. It also gives you a clear understanding of how you can free up disk space. Besides, you can easily configure the tool manually to make sure that it doesn’t include important folders or files while scanning your Mac.

CleanMyMac 3 offers a significant improvement over the original CleanMyMac and it offers some advantages over other similar programs available. It is a suitable option for users who need a simple way to clean and maintain their Mac. CleanMyMac is easy to use and while it requires you to take some time checking that the clean-up process doesn’t involve essential files, it is still one of the most practical solutions available. As long as you are careful while using it, CleanMyMac can be a powerful and helpful software that will allow you to enhance the performance of your Mac.

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