Legends At War (Formerly Dragons Realms): Town-building and online battles in a medieval setting

Last year, GREE international, the creators of popular games including War of Nations and Knights & Dragons, launched Dragon Realms, a medieval fantasy RPG that allows players to lead a team of nine heroes with particular skills. It seems like to avoid confusion with other popular instalment, GREE later changed the name to Legends At War. The game allows players to build a powerful kingdom while fighting against evil enemies and nightmarish beasts. The game presents three enemy factions: the Silver Alliance, the Feral Horde and the Undead Legion, along with a mysterious figure that schemes in the dark without their knowledge. There are also multiple kinds of dragons and each of them can evolve into different levels. Thanks to the rich universe of features and characters in offer, as well as a solid multiplayer experience across platforms, Legends At War can offer an entertaining experience that will capture your imagination. Now let’s take a closer look at the main aspects of Legends At War.

Building your kingdom is one of the main elements of the game. It all starts with one castle and from then, you have the possibility of accumulating gold to reach new levels and adding new buildings for your realm, including barns and farms. Construction can take a while and the time will depend on the type of building but there is an option to pay to speed up the process. Every building will give you the chance of making more gold eventually and you can upgrade them to get more gold. Upgrading is an investment that will pay off with time as your buildings will produce higher earnings. You can also visit the realms of your friends to see their progress.

Even though quests is not the main focus of the game, it does offer the possibility of exploring new areas by unlocking them as you get to a new level or complete a task. There is an option to choose your quest from a menu and from there, you can go the selected location by pressing the “Visit” button. Usually, quests involve combat, so you may need to slay a set number of monsters or defeat another player. Other actions include setting up buildings or upgrading them. If you complete a quest successfully, you can get gold, new items or heroes for your crew.

Collecting Heroes system
As mentioned earlier on, you can lead a team of 9 heroes to battle against your enemies. There are over 200 heroes to select from and each one of them offers a different level of attack and defense strengths that will determine their power. Some of the special skills that these heroes posses include the capacity to undermine other hero’s attack power or use their attack against them. You can make your heroes stronger by levelling up or evolving. To level up a hero, you will need to combine a main hero with up to heroes. This will increase their attack effectiveness and defense powers. Evolving a hero requires combining it with another one of the same type, to make it stronger and each hero has 4 stages of evolution to complete. There is an option to put your main hero forward to fight against rivals from other teams in coliseum areas. Even though there is a large selection of impressive heroes and interesting creatures, it must be said that the character art is in the game itself is not consistently good and certainly it is not as visually stunning as what appears on the game trailer.

Joining a Guild or creating one, will let you benefit from special features such as bonuses and take part on Epic Boss events or invasions that you could not defeat on your own You can join forces with your friends to establish a powerful Guild and plan your strategy through private chat. Guilds can let you advance in the game by creating strong alliances.

Compete against others
You will be able to participate in Player Vs Player battles at any time throughout the game and you will have the possibility of choosing your opponent. Losing will not have an impact in your status so participating in these battles is a great opportunity to win XP (experience points) to progress in the game, as well as Honor, which in this case serves as a valuable currency. The more PVP battles you win, the higher your XP and Honor earnings.


Playing Legends At War is free but there are standard a Premium currencies throughout the game. Gold is the standard currency, which you can get when your buildings start producing income or when you complete a quest. Honor is another currency that you can earn when you defeat another player in a PVP battle. Then we have Gems, which are the premium currency that you can buy within the app in order to get more heroes, increase their level, evolve them or to set up your building instantly.

Cross- platform multiplayer
The fact that Legends At war is available for Android and iOS users means that you have more opponents to face or more players with whom you can set an alliance. Even though the possibility to store game data in the cloud is still on the works (data is saved locally), overall GREE offers an entertainment game with thrilling features and good playing options.

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