Lag Assassin Review: A Convenient Gaming Solution to Enjoy Killer Speeds

lagassassinApart from offering hours of entertainment, gaming can challenge your mind, ignite your imagination and put your strategic skills to the test. The online gaming industry keeps growing stronger with new great titles constantly being released. Speed is crucial when it comes to gaming and with the right technology, you can fully enjoy all the action and fun that your favourite game has to offer. Combining powerful hardware with a reliable and fast internet connection is a winning formula, but there is something else that can make a huge difference in your gaming experience.

Lag Assassin has become the secret weapon for many gamers who want to get ahead of their opponents and enjoy amazing speeds. This software helps you to get the most out of your favourite games by enhancing the speed and performance of your internet connection. It is a simple, effective and incredibly fast solution to defeat lags and connection slow downs. Whether you are facing ruthless orcs, piloting a sophisticated space ship, or commanding your own army of warriors, this is the tool that can make sure that you stand above your rivals. Here is what Lag Assassin can do for you.

What does it offer?

Lag Assassin was launched in 2013 and it is supported by an experienced team that has been working on network management, IP and content delivery services for over 15 years. From the beginning, they have strive to provide outstanding gaming speeds, highly-skilled technical support and unbeatable prices. The company is focused on providing the best experience for its customers, through 24/7 assistance and a top quality product. Lag Assassin is a top performing solution that allows you to manage your traffic effectively, which results on improved gaming connection.

How does it work?

Lag Assassin is specially designed to give gamers blazing fast speeds, thanks to a network that is optimized for gaming traffic. The service is supported by the Highwinds Game Delivery Network, an outstanding gaming platform that packs the latest technology and expertise to offers players around the world the best experience. Being powered by the GDN means that Lag Assassin can provide the most effective routes for your gaming traffic. While your ISP can cause delay by directing traffic through pointless connections, Lag Assassin avoids all unnecessary routes to ensure that you enjoy the best speed.

By moving your gaming traffic through the best routes, Lag Assassin can improve the ping time, which would give you an advantage while you play. Since Lag Assassin’s team knows the best and fastest way to transfer gaming data effectively, you can expect fantastic speeds. The software runs smoothly in the background so you can play without any disruptions. You will know that Lag Assassin is at work because you will notice that your connection is accelerated and that you can take on your opponents with remarkable precision and speed.


Getting Lag Assassin gives you access to an efficient network to move your gaming traffic across the world. The fact that they have their own network adds reliability and consistency to their service, but above all, it makes it really fast. This is the key that gives you more chances to win the game because you will be able to complete actions before other players. No matter what kind of games you are into, you can boost your speed with Lag Assassin and enjoy victory.

Lag Assassin supports a large selection of games, that range from the most popular titles in the industry to creations from independent game companies. If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, Diablo, League of Legends, EVE Online, or Tera, Lag Assassin is the best option to get access to these games without delays. Lag Assassin’s network offers powerful performance and versatility and allows you to get to your target network or game without any hassle.

Lag Assassin is easy to use and once you turn it on, you can leave it on. Since there is no time limit, you don’t need to shut it down while you are not playing. You won’t waste time as Lag Assassin is always ready to give you the best speed whenever you connect to play your favourite game. However, privacy concerned users need to keep in mind that Lag Assassin is not focused on security, or anonymity. Your data and activities may be monitored while you are connected to Lag Assassin. This is a tool designed to speed up your PC gaming experience, but it is not intended as a privacy solution.


Lag Assassin is a practical software for gamers that are looking to enhance their gaming experience, reducing disconnections and lag. You can get the ideal connection for your games and enjoy faster game load time. Lag Assassin is always available and it works in the background while you focus on winning the game. The company aims to provide the best experience for its customers and the skilled technical support can be reached by email at any time. You can subscribe for a month for $4.99, or get a full year subscription for $44.99. Lag Assassin also gives you the chance of trying the service for free with the fully featured 7-day trial. If you love gaming and crave for better speeds, Lag Assassin is definitely worth a try.

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