Kurio 7S Review

Kurio offers a family tablet for parents that want to allow their kids to discover internet in a safe and easy environment. The tablet comes with a large selection of pre-loaded apps suitable for children, including games, educational and media content. You can also customize internet access controls and use the web filter to block inappropriate content. Kurio allows you to set up 8 different user profiles with specific time limits and control apps access by user so the tablet can be shared by all the family. The Kurio 7S offers good features but in order to confirm if it really is the best option when it comes to kid-friendly Android tablets, let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

At first sight, Kurio 7S stands out thanks to its pretty blue or green silicone bumper, which can be removed to reveal a plain, black design. Without the bumper, the Kurio 7S looks like a regular tablet with a polished design. The bumper is flexible and gives a good grip, as well as easy access to the power and volume buttons. The tablet features microUSB, microHDMI ports and a microSD Card slot. There are other family tablets that put more focus on the look, offering brilliant colours and fun design but Kurio 7S seems more concerned with simplicity and convenience. The device is lighter and smaller than other tablets of its kind and it comes a 0.3 megapixel front camera and a 2.1 megapixel rear one.

The Kurio 7S has a 7-inch display with 1024×600 resolution, which is above other similar options like the Meep from Oregon Scientific (which offers 800×400). However, the image is not always optimal specially when it comes to video and the viewing angles are not ideal. The speakers are good enough to use in small room or with headphones but don’t expect them to provide potent/high quality sound.

Parental Control

The Kurio is specifically designed to give parents a solid control of the content that can be accessed in the tablet. Once the tablet is turned on, you will be asked to sign in using the parental account login details to get access to all the Parental control features. There are two icons visible on the screen to get easy access to the Parental Area and the Switch User option. There are also shortcuts to useful functions like settings, apps, browser, music, camera and the clock. As a parent, you will have the possibility of creating up to 8 profiles for each member of the family and the interface changes with each profile. Access to Wi-Fi is subject to authorization as it requires a parent’s password, meaning that children will only be able to connect under their parents’ supervision. Parents can also manage the apps accessible for their kids.

It is also possible to set up a time limit and to determine the type of content that will be available for each of the profiles created. Every profile created can be protected with a password. To create a profile for a child, parents can enter the name, gender and date of birth and then select the type of profile. There are three default options: Child with Web Access, Child without Web Access and Educational profile. You can also customize the profiles choosing specific settings. For internet access, you can choose to restrict internet completely, to only make certain websites available, put filters in place using Kurio Genius Filtering System or to allow full Internet access. Kurio’s Genius Filtering System makes things easier for parents as it has organized over 450 million websites according to their suitability for children, based on their age. You can choose to block social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and whenever the person using that profile tries to access the site, they will only be able to see a notification from Kurio Genius System about the blocked status. The filtering system will also operate for searches to block potential inappropriate content based on keywords.

Apps Available
The 7s had over 60 pre-loaded e-books, videos, apps and games including Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Disney Digital books and media files. There are also educational apps designed to help young children with concepts like shape, colour, as well as developing language and essential math skills. It is possible to download more apps from Kurio’s app store which can be accessed from all profiles. The store offers suitable content for kids between 3 to 12 in categories such as Games, Sports, Education and Books. Since Kurio is not meant to be a conventional tablet, there is no access to Google’s Play store on any profile. Grown-ups in the family will need another tablet to suit their needs.


Kurio 7S can be a useful option to introduce your children to tablets in a safe manner. While it offers a wide range of option when it comes to managing the content that the children can access, it is lacking in quality in other areas. For instance, the camera is not as good as it could be and the photos taken are not the best. The performance is not up to speed and the battery life is also disappointing. There are other child-friendly options that are not as limited and that offer better responsiveness. For $149, the price of the Kurio 7S, you could get a more solid device.

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