JottaCloud Review

JottacloudEveryone has important data that deserves to be protected and preserved for the future. Whether it is your company’s reports, your academic essays, or your family photos, all the files that we accumulate throughout the years, need to be protected against the risk of data loss. There are different methods to back up your data, but if you are looking for a solution that is simple, reliable and convenient, an online backup or cloud storage service would be your best bet. JottaCloud is one of the providers that aims to give you peace of mind by protecting your files without relying on hard disks, or USB drives that can get easily stolen or lost. We take a closer look at this Norwegian cloud storage service in this review.

Getting Started
JottaCloud was established in 2008 in Oslo, with the purpose of offering a cloud storage service suitable for business and home users. It allows you to backup, store, synchronize and share your data from all your devices. JottaCloud is designed to be user friendly and effective, ensuring that anyone can manage and secure their data, regardless of their technical knowledge, or their experience with cloud storage services. You can use JottaCloud in your computer and mobile devices as this multi-platform solution works with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. The service can also be set up with Linux.

There are three plans available, including a free option that gives you 5GB of storage space and the possibility of getting additional capacity (up to 100GB) if you refer other users. If you want to enjoy unlimited storage space, you can upgrade to the Unlimited plan for individuals, which is priced at $9.90 per month, or just $99 per year. You can backup data for as many devices as you want. There is also a Business plan that provides access for multiple users and minimum 100GB of space from $9.90 per month.

You can sign up for an account with a few steps and then you can install the software following the straightforward wizard. JottaCloud’s interface is well designed and easy to navigate so you can easily find the most important functions within it. There are four tabs at the top: Backup, Restore, Transfer and Settings. The Backup tab allows you to drag and drop all your folders to sync them with the cloud. Restore is the tab where you will be able to recover our data whenever required, while Transfer and Settings allows you to control how data is uploaded and backed up.

How Does it Work
Once you have JottaCloud in your computer, you will be able to back up almost any type of files including photos, videos, documents and audio tracks. You can sync entire folders and if you have removed a file by mistake, you have the chance of getting it back because JottaCloud keeps deleted files for up to 30 days. The data that has been backed up can be easily retrieved through the Restore tab. The Transfer tab is where you can get visibility of the files that are being uploaded or downloaded.

In the Setting tab you can customize certain aspects of the service including bandwidth allocation and sync scheduling. You can adjust the bandwidth used during file transfer to avoid affecting other tasks and it is also possible to set up a limit for simultaneous transfers. The General tab has an option to unlink your computer from your JottaCloud account, in case you prefer to keep everything separated. This is a security measure that some people may opt for, as it dissociates the device from the cloud backup storage, avoiding that the information stored is used to trace the user.

Security is crucial when it comes to storing your files in the cloud because there are many threats to online privacy. JottaCloud is committed to offering a secure service that keeps the integrity of your data in all senses. The fact that this cloud storage provider is based in Norway, means that it is not compromised by the surveillance programs established by US government agencies like the NSA. Since Norway is not subject to privacy-invasive legislation like the Patriot Act in the United States, JottaCloud is not required to hand over users’ information. If privacy is at the top of your list, JottaCloud is an option that you should consider.

While the software was created to be easy to use and to offer good performance, it used to be affected by minor stability issues that resulted in disconnection from the server. JottaCloud has worked to address this issues in the latest version of the program, which now runs smoothly and without any issues. However, the synchronization process tends to have a negative impact in the transfer speeds, which is why it is advisable to close all applications before syncing. Overall, the apps work really well and allow you to sync content between your devices. If you have an iPhone, all the pictures you take will be automatically uploaded to your JottaCloud account, which is a practical option.

Customer Support
The Help section is clear and includes a great set of information about the service and some of the most common issues that you may encounter. You are likely to find what you are looking for, but if you need personalized assistance, you can contact JottaCloud support via email, or through Social Media channels.

JottaCloud is an ideal option for customers who want a solid combination of security and ease of use. It is a basic service when compared to other solutions available in the market, but it works well and it covers the most important aspects. You can safeguard, access, share and protect your files with peace of mind, as JottaCloud keeps them protected from eavesdroppers.

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