iWatch could be Released this Fall

The long-rumoured iWatch may be closer to become a reality and according to a recently approved patent, it could offer a feature that would enable it to track your weightlifting, making it a perfect companion for training. The initial patent referred to a sensor that could be attached to your shoes but with time, the idea evolved towards a sensor that would be fitted on a body-bar sensing system and that could monitor and keep track of your lifting progress. The information will be passed to the mobile device, which in this case could be a smartwatch. Even though the iWatch has not been officially announced, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (which took place in the first week of June) there were some hints of what the device could potentially offer.

For instance, it could integrate “Health” the app that is focused in health and fitness and that the company unveiled during the event. As a wearable mobile device, the iWatch could work with this app to monitor relevant information and to help users to stay fit. While there are other manufacturers that have already launched smartwatches such as Samsung and Pebble, these devices have not reached a massive market yet. However, that could change if Apple manages to create an advanced smartwatch that is also a health monitor.

Recent reports suggest that the appearance of the iWatch is imminent and that the company would be launching it along the new iPhone 6, on September. Industry experts have also speculated that the device would not be a stand-alone gadget but that it would act like a companion to the iPhone. The price for the iWatch has been estimated between $199 and $229. If the iWatch and the new 5.5-inch iPhone are released simultaneously this September, it would be the first time that Apple debuts a complement device during the launch of their iPhone. However, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to be available on August and the bigger display iPhone and iWatch are still on rumour stage.

In terms of design, Apple’s smartwatch would sport a curved display, matte-appearance and would be lightweight. The iWatch could run with health-focused iOS 8, which would make them the perfect combination. Since Beats Electronics recently became part of Apple, it would be safe to assume that the company would take advantage of this acquisition to boost the sound and fitness options of their devices, including possibly the iWatch.

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