iRulu 7 Review

Not so long ago, tablets were a luxury that only a few could afford but those days are over. With the increasing popularity of tablets, more manufacturers have launched their own products to the market and with so much competition, it is not strange to see lower prices. One of the cheapest options currently available is the iRulu 7″, a tablet that only costs around $50 and that offers convenience and all the features that you look for in a tablet. It runs with android ice cream sandwich and works with 1.2GHZ cortex A8. Apart from an affordable price, this is what you get when you choose the iRulu 7″ as your tablet.

Convenience and sharp screen

The iRulu has a compact, slim design that is comfortable to use,which makes it an ideal device to carry with you, wherever you go. The clear, bright screen ensures that you can watch all your favourite videos with high quality image. With the iRulu 7″, you can play up to 720p HD videos with satisfactory quality and speed. It supports multiple video file extensions so you will be able to watch a wide range of videos without any issues. The downside is that the camera only has 0.3 MP, which may not be enough if you are looking for stunning pictures.

The ability to enjoy more media content on the go
Since you can expand the memory of your tablet by using an SD card, you will be able to enjoy more videos, music tracks and photos on the go. With an expandable memory, the iRulu gives you versatility, as you can also carry files in a lightweight, slim tablet and also enjoy your content with the same device. The touchscreen is very responsive and with a quick swipe you can access the apps and functions that you need. The interface is easy to get used to and you will be able to navigate through the functions you need easily.

Apps and online browsing
You can access Google Play and enjoy a wide variety of content from there. However, certain apps tend to crash regularly and in some cases, game apps are not compatible or do not work well. This is one of the aspects that the iRulu needs to improve in order to offer complete versatility. If your main reason to get a tablet is to enjoy a solid gaming experience, the iRulu would not be the right tablet for you. Browsing can also be slow but you can still enjoy the latest news, perform searches or access online shopping sites without major issues. When it comes to streaming, the iRulu is not as efficient as other devices but you will be able to enjoy YouTube videos without major delays. Still, it does the job and if you only intend to use it for light browsing and the most common apps like Facebook or Twitter, it will suit fine.

Overall, the iRulu can be a good option as a first tablet and will suit anyone looking for a low-priced device. It is good for the price you pay but you cannot expect the quality of other major, recognized brands that can offer a superior performance and quality. That doesn’t change the fact that for many customers the iRulu will be the perfect solution thanks to its convenient price and solid basic features.

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