Best iPhone Apps for Managing your Personal Finances

Keeping on top of your finances is essential to make sure that your money is secure and that you can affront better any unexpected expenses. While spending your money wisely is not always easy, there are practical apps that allow you to control better the way you manage your finances. You do not need to be great with numbers as these apps do all the work and enable you to keep track of your expenses easily. Here are the best solutions to manage your money effectively and in a simple way. The apps in this list are efficient, easy to use and in top of that, most of them are available for free.

Check by Check, Inc.

CheckHaving a magnetic paper holder on the fridge’s door to hold your bills may not very practical and does not guarantee that you will remember when you have to pay them. Check can help you to be organized with your bills and to keep an eye on them. Check will give you reminders when the bill is due and you can even pay through the app using your credit card or bank account. All you need to do is to set up the required details after downloading the app and you can enjoy the convenience of keeping all your billing information in the same place. Check will also notify you when there are not enough funds in your bank account, so that you can prepare for direct debits and avoid overdrafts. This free app also offers high security settings to protect your financial details.

Mint Personal Finance by

mint-appThis free app allows you to manage all your personal finance accounts and investments conveniently and securely. You can keep track of the money you spend, as well as getting access to financial details such as credit score, loans and more. This information can help you to improve your financial situation and avoid stress by creating a budget and keeping the bills up to date. In order to let the app organize the information and let you manage your financials, you would need to connect bank/card or other account details that you want to access with Mint. This information is protected with a password and you can deactivate it easily in case you lose your device. Available for free on itunes.

Splitwise by Splitwise, Inc.

splitwiseWhen you are out with your friends for dinner and split the bill, or when you share a house with other people, it is hard to keep track of the money you are owed or that they lent you. With Splitwise, this will no longer be a problem because this app lets you to monitor shared bills to ensure that you know when someone owes you money or that you don’t forget to pay someone back. It is the ideal app to have when you are sharing accommodation and it offers a clear overview of balances and even gives you notifications when bills are due. Splitwise is available for free in the App Store.


SpenderFor just $0.99 you can get Spender, an app created by Worms Studio to help you monitor your finances conveniently and very fast. It only takes a few seconds to enter the details of your expenses and these are saved with only a couple of taps. You can also set up password protection for your information. Spender allows you to organize your budget by setting limits for certain categories to ensure that you do not spend more money than you have to. This app is a convenient and simple way to take control over your expenses and ensure that you stay within budget.


BUDGTS. Fluckiger developed BUDGT, an app that aims to help you to manage your money more effectively and to plan better your monthly budget. It is easy to use and only requires that you to enter your daily expenses so that the app can take care of all the calculations. This will allow you to see exactly how much money you spend in a day so that you can organize your budget accordingly. With BUDGT you can create and manage a personalized budget with your own categories for income and expenses. The app lets you get a better understanding of how you are managing your money, which will allow you to set up a budget to prevent overspending. BDGT is available in the App Store for $1.99 USD.

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