iOS 8 Beta 2 Features

Apple’s iOS 8 is officially out now but many users prefer to wait a few days before updating, while the craze dies out. The iOS 8 beta 2 version was an option that allowed developers to use a preview version of the firmware and even though soon, everyone may have already changed to the official iOS 8, we will take a look at the features offered in beta 2. This will give those who are yet to get iOS 8, a better idea of what to expect.

Slight changes in the Messages app

There were some interface modifications noticed here, including the appearance of the camera buttons, which were changed from blue to grey. The blue colour was too intense so it was not strange to see that this was changed to a colour that is easier in the eyes.

A feature introduced in iOS 8 beta was the ability to listen to incoming messages. In beta 2, a kill switch was added to ensure that this option can be switched off easily.

Another change in the Messages app was the Read All option, which appear at the bottom when you tap on Edit within the message threads interface. This works in a similar way to the Mark All as Read option in Mail, marking unread messages as read in one go.

Changes in Safari
In iOS 8 beta 2, users were given the possibility of set keywords to perform faster searches in certain websites. This would allow you to go directly to an specific entry in Wikipedia or in Google. The Quick Website Search option can be configured in other websites as well. Also, the tab view will be shown when you do a two-finger pinch, instead of requiring you to tap on the tab icon in the menu.

In the previous version, after tapping an app link in Safari you would automatically be redirected to the App Store, which would take you out from the page you were visiting. This may not have a big impact but to ensure that it does not become an annoying feature, in beta 2 Safari would ask for confirmation before making users leave the page and taking them directly to the App Store.
Additional features that appeared in iOS 8 Beta 2
The Podcasts app is installed by default but you can still use other options

QuickType is available in iPad now. This predictive text feature allows users to type faster

HomeKit is a programming protocol that will allow interaction between Apple devices and third-party hardware in a user’s home. While this option is still at its early stages, it is expected that new devices will be designed to work within this framework

You will received notifications of battery usage when your iPhone is trying to get coverage in an area with poor reception
Notification kill switch works on apps individually. By opening Settings, then Notifications and selecting a particular app, you will see an option to enable Notifications/ Kill switch.

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