inSite Proximity Alarm: An app and device system that lets you know if you are leaving a valuable item behind

When you have a busy lifestyle, it is easy to misplace your keys or to forget where you left them. Even if you try to always make sure that you keep your keys in the same place, you may lose them or drop them somewhere and by the time you realize that they are gone, it may be too late. Thankfully, technology can offer a solution for many situations in life and this is not an exception. There are multiple gadgets and apps that can help you to find your lost valuables. Thanks to tracking devices such as InSite Proximity Alarm, you will be able to locate your keys or any important objects when you simply can’t remember where you left them. Audiovox InSite Proximity Alarm is a small, convenient device that will notify you when you are leaving anything important behind. With this useful gadget, you will be able to find any important item such as your wallet or your keys, using your iPhone or iPad. Let’s take a closer look at inSite Proximity Alarm.

Simple and effective

One of the aspects that make inSite Proximity Alarm a good option is the fact that it is a practical gadget that comes with an easy to use app. The features are basic but useful and thanks to its simplicity, inSite is an incredibly convenient way to locate your lost valuables. In order to start using it, all you need to do is to switch on the device and sync it with your iPhone and iPad. Once this is done, the app will begin tracking. You can use to make sure that the items that you value the most and that you tend to lose more regularly, are always within range. To do this, you have to attach the gadget to the item and if it is beyond the Bluetooth range, the app in the iOS device will detect this and both the gadget and the iPhone will start beeping.

inSite operates within a range of about 30 to 60 feet and once the gadget is beyond these limits, you will get alerts from the iPhone and the device. The app will send you notifications via email or to your Twitter or Facebook account.

The app is free to download once you get the gadget (which costs $39.95) and it works on iOS 7. You can add multiple devices to the same profile. The inSite alarm gadget looks like a small tag that is attached to the item that you want to locate and it works with a CR2016 replaceable battery.

Additionally, the inSite app offers profiles for every inSite gadget that you add and you can identify each profile with an icon. There are images for your wallet, keychain and more but you can also customize the icons by using your own photos. The alert sounds that will let you know that an item is out of range can also be selected and you can decide if it beeps three times, or if it does it continuously. It is possible to choose one of your favourite songs as the alert in your iPhone/iPad, this will notify you that you might be leaving a valuable item behind. Overall inSite Proximity Alarm is a simple and convenient way to ensure that you can find your misplaced keys or other important items.

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