Infinite Conferencing Review

infiniteTechnology has facilitated business and has enabled companies to close deals around the world, without having to deal with travel expenses. Online communication tools have also become essential when it comes to education as you can attend a seminar or a lecture without leaving your house. Infinite Conferencing is an American company dedicated to provide professional web conferencing solutions for large companies, small businesses and all kinds of organizations that need to connect though online meetings and webinars. Whether you need to set up a conference call, a webinar, a presentation, a webcasting, a seminar, or even host an event online, Infinite Conferencing is a company that can support your communication needs effectively. Here is more about the features and services that it provides.

Infinite Conferencing offers a wide range of meeting and online presentation services and you can choose the option that better adapts to your needs. The solutions supported are designed to meet any requirements in the organization and running of online events and meetings. No matter where in the world your investors or your audience are, thanks to Infinite Conferencing you will be able to present and interact with them effectively.

The services that you can select from include:

Reservationless Audio: this award-winning service is ideal for global conference calls with up to 100 callers. You get a permanent toll & toll-free dial-in codes and you can manage the call from Outlook or a mobile device. The price per minute is 5.9 cents and you only pay for what you use, without contracts or minimum usage required.

Operator-Assisted Audio: the best option to ensure that an important meeting or event runs smoothly. It supports up to 10,000 callers, which is considerably more than what you can expect from similar services in the industry. It costs 18 cents per minute and you are only billed according to what you use.

Onstream Meetings: if you need to organize an online meeting or a collaborative web conferencing session, this is the best solution. It allows you to share and present slides, videos, documents or your desktop. It supports up to 100 participants and you can set up a subscription or pay per minute.

Onstream Webinars: if you need to promote a product, or to organize an online training session, this is a great platform that lets you manage every aspect of your webinar. Up to 1000 participants are supported and you can pay per minute, or set up a subscription.

Webcasting: this is the most convenient solution when you need to reach a large audience across different locations. Its unlimited audience support makes webcasting perfect for high-profile events and you can stream live or webcast on demand your event. Pricing is based according to the event.

The fact that the services are organized according to service that you need and that the prices are based on usage, without contracts or plans required in most cases, make Infinite Conferencing a flexible and convenient option, no matter what type of meeting or event you need to organize. You would be billed at the end of the month, or you can opt for a subscription plan which price will depend on the number of meetings held and the number of participants. You can also avail of a free trial that will allow you to discover the features that Infinite Conferencing’s services can offer.

When it comes to conferencing solutions, Infinite Conferencing makes things simple as participants are not required to register before the conference or to download any application. The system is browser-based and participants can share their desktops and applications to collaborate online. One-click publishing of Word, Power Point and Excel files is one of the main advantages of the system. Participants and attendees can select, modify or highlight items on the screen during the meeting. Additionally, participants can interact through private and public chat options.

The web conference host can control over what is shared and they can choose if they prefer to share specific files or the entire desktop. A presenter can also give control of the meeting to another participant, whenever required. The system supports every aspect of the event management including registration, invitations, documents publishing (up to 10) during the meeting and analysis once the event has concluded. You also have the possibility of sending a link to the meeting as the event progresses, which is practical in case you forgot to invite someone. The meetings can be recorded for playback and there is a feature called Instant polling that allows the audience to cast their vote to share their opinion.

Infinite Conferencing offers high quality audio and video. The communication options available include VoIP connection, web-cam based streaming and toll-free call in service. The audio is seamless, which ensures that the meetings run without issues or interruptions. It is also possible to adjust the video to suit the event’s requirements and if needed, you can also disable the video streaming option. Infinite Conferencing also understands the importance of security and it gives you the option of adding 128-bit AES encryption over SSL. You can protect the information shared during your meetings by requesting participants to enter a password in order to access.

Ease of use is one of the most important benefits of choosing Infinite Conferencing as your web conferencing system. The interface looks good and it is quite intuitive, which ensures that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. All that you need to do in order to participate in a meeting is to type the link into your browser. Sharing files and creating shared documents online is simple and the presenter tools available are practical and efficient. Tasks like switching between applications and assigning another participant to take control over the meeting, can be completed easily.

Customer Support
While Infinite Conferencing is a reliable system, if you need help or have any questions, you can contact their help support team at any time. The offer continuous support by phone and you can also contact them via Live Chat or email. The website offers a comprehensive list of help resources, including a detailed FAQ and easy set up guides.

Infinite Conferencing gives users versatility and convenience, as well as the option to hold meetings with thousands of participants and to organize large scale events. This enables you to reach wider audiences and thanks to their customizable plans, you can get the service that you need for the right price. Infinite Conferencing covers the main features needed from a conferencing system and it is also very reliable and easy to use.

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