iLike: A lookback to a file management service for iPhone/iPad

Even though iLike closed in 2012, the service is still recognized as the most efficient alternative to iTunes. The good news is that they are set to re-launch this coming fall and many users are eager to see iLike back in action. If you are not familiar with iLike, we can tell you that this online service provided a great way to download and share music and during its peak, it is estimated that it counted with over 60 million users. The reason why many preferred iLike to manage their content, was that it offered a wide selection of features and an easy to use software to transfer files. Currently, iLike is in standby but a new service will start to be offered over the coming months. Subscriptions are currently open and if you want to learn more about why you should be curious about iLike, we give you an overview of the aspects that made iLike so popular.
Practical tool to clean up space

One of the things that made iLike stand out was that it offered an easy to use interface and allowed users to clear up space on their iPhones. You could use iLike to remove temporary files, cookies, cache and everything that took over a large part of your device. This made it very convenient and a tool that could be used regularly to get rid of files that accumulate in your iPhone/iPad over time. With this feature, iLike allowed user to clean up every file that was consuming space unnecessarily and we hope that this option is also available in the new service.

Option to explore files

Another useful function offered by iLike was the file explorer, who ensured that you could search thoroughly your device to find the files you needed. ILike provided a simple interface that allowed users to play around with the file manager in order to get a detailed overview of all the files available on your iPhone or iPad.

Transferring files, backing up
iLike acted as a file manager and a file transfer tool but it also allowed users to export their files (including videos, songs, photos and more) from your iPhone/iPad to your local storage. With iLike, users had the ability to access content from the local storage on their system, individually. iLike also offered backup functions, including the option of creating and exploring iTunes backups. We have to wait and see what are the features and options available with the new version of iLike which will be launched this fall

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