iDeviceManager: A multitasking solution for iOS devices

Even though iPhone has put emphasis in creating an effortless experience for users, certain features have been sacrificed in order to achieved this level of convenience. For instance, it is not possible to manage files, store them or download emails or texts. This is why many users have opted for jailbreaking as a way to expand the possibilities of what their iPhone can do. A jailbroken iPhone offers options that are not available or that are restricted in a standard iPhone and although it is a process that may compromise the functionality of your device if it is not done correctly (not to mention that it could affect your warranty), if you count with the knowledge and skills to do it, it may be worth the risk.

The advantage of jailbreaking your iPhone is that it will allow you to enjoy many practical options such as managing files or downloading SMS messages, thanks to tweaks like iFile and i-Funbox. If you have a jailbroken iPhone and you would prefer to have one solution that takes care of all the functions you need, you should consider iDeviceManager, a versatile software that acts like a complete solution for iOS devices. Here is what you can do with iDeviceManager:

Manage your Files
iDeviceManager gives you the possibility of managing your files and it makes a great job at turning your iOS device into an external storage. Keep in mind that the software is only compatible with Windows.

Manage your music
Usually on iOS devices you are required to use iTunes to sync and get your songs. iDeviceManager makes things simple as it lets you find and download music, video and other media files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer without any hassle.

Download SMS messages, emails and iMessage conversations
iDeviceManager allows you to export all messages and conversations in the Messages app, email and third party apps like WhatsApp. The process is simple and the interface is easy to navigate ensuring that you can still read your messages and conversations easily.

Manage Contacts
While Apple aims to make things simple for iPhone users, there are many aspects that can be improved. One of them is the contact management option, which could be much easier than it is. If you find it challenging and annoying, you will be happy to know that iDeviceManager has succeeding in offering a solution that is less complicated. Options like assigning individual ringtones are easily handled by this software.

Overall, iDeviceManager offers a powerful set of features and useful options that make it a great and easy to use all-in-one solution for iOS devices. While it may not work as seamlessly as expected (occasionally you may receive error messages or experience delays), it provides a convenient tool. The software is free and if the issues are addressed and the tool becomes faster, it will be practically a perfect choice.

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