How will iOS 8 impact the battery life of your device?

One of the firs things that users wonder whenever there is an iOS update is how will it affect the iPhone’s battery life. While iOS 8 is already available, it is still too early to be able to determine if there are any battery concerns. Nevertheless, since the firmware includes a wide selection of new features and options, it is expected that those who own older devices, may notice that the battery is used up faster. The good thing is that iOS 8 includes a feature that allows you to check the Battery usage per app and while it is not a full solution to keep the battery from draining out, it is still useful. Besides, it is likely that since the beta versions, there have been improvements made to ensure a smooth battery performance. There are a few things to keep in mind to understand how the new iOS may impact your phone usage.

Users that own an iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, iPod 5G and iPad 3 and up will be able to get iOS 8 on their devices. However, iOS 8 is not available for iPhone 4 and older versions of iPod and iPad. This is usual when a new iOS is launched and it happens because the processing memory and battery support required by an upgraded firmware, may not be supported by older devices. Even though the interface changes from iOS 7 to iOS 8 are not significant, the way the new firmware works is quite different from its predecessor. There are new features in iOS 8 that require a large amount of processing memory, which means that a lot of battery will be consumed.

iOS 8 Battery Life

When it comes to the iPad, it is thought that there will not be a noticeable change between iOS 8 and iOS 7. However for older iPhone versions like 4S, it is likely that the battery life will decrease when using the final iOS release. Throughout the testing stages of iOS 8, there may have been adjustments to ensure a better battery performance in spite of the large selection of features that it provides. During the Beta version testing, many developers reported a satisfactory battery life. However, the performance is still to be tested with the final version and the experience with the battery life while running iOS 8 will probably be very different from one user to another, depending their devices and the apps used.

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