How to Use iPhone as a Webcam on your PC or Mac Wirelessly

Having an iPhone opens up a world of great features and functionality. One of the most convenient options that your iPhone offers is the possibility of using it as a webcam for your Mac or PC. The fact that it is possible to use this feature without the need of jailbreaking your device, means that this is something that you can do easily and without any issues. These are the steps that you will need to follow in order to enjoy video chats using your iPhone.

1. Download an iPhone webcam app such as EpocCam or WebCamera. Make sure that the app you choose has a software compatible with the OS that you use whether it is Windows or Mac OSX.

2. After installing the webcam app in your iPhone, you will need to download the corresponding software on your computer. Run the software to install the required drivers to ensure that your iPhone is recognized as a webcam.

3. Launch the app on your iPhone and then set up the iPhone’s camera as required. In your PC or Mac, you may need to start the corresponding software as well.

4. Go to the program you use for video chats (Skype, Live Messenger, etc) and test the camera to confirm that the video works. If you have any issues, it may be due to incorrect setting of the software on your computer. Keep in mind that the Wi-Fi must be active both in your iPhone and in your computer. The majority of apps only work if the same Wi-Fi network is used in both devices. If everything is working and the desktop software has been installed correctly, you will be able to enjoy another practical use for your iPhone.

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