How to get AppSync for iOS 6 from a alternative Repo

Ever since Installous ceased to exist, its frequent users have been looking for alternatives that can help them to access the same functionality. While solutions like Installous will allow you to download paid apps, it is important to keep in mind that this is something that should only be done in order to try out an expensive app before you purchase it. If the app suits your needs, you should support the developer and pay for it, installing it from the official source.

Now that Installous is no longer available, you can opt for alternatives like vShare. In order to use these Installous alternatives, you would require the AppSync tweak. When Installous was active, this used to be available from and owners of jailbroken iPhones were able to find the right AppSync for their iOS firmware. However, once shut down, it was no longer easy to find the suitable AppSync. Thanks to a large selection of alternative repos, AppSync for iOS 6 is available again.

AppSync is required for Installous alternatives such as vShare but other like AppCake, will allow you to download and install file directly. If you want to use vShare, which is generally considered one of the best Installous alternatives, you will need to have AppSync in your iOS device. You can follow the below steps to get it from the HYiP repo.

1. In Cydia, tap on Manage and then Sources
2. Tap on Edit, followed by Add the source
3. In the text field enter:
4. Add the repo and allow Cydia to refresh/respring,
5. Look for AppSync for iOS 6 in Cydia, once you find the tweak, download it. If you have a previous iOS version, you can look for it in HackYouiPhone or other repos online.
6. Once you get AppSync, you will be able to download IPA files and install them manually. You can also use vShare or iFunbox

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