How to fix the issue that disables you to delete songs from the music app in iOS 7

Occasionally, while using the Music app, iPhone/iPad users may experience issues to delete songs from their devices and even though this is not a severe issue, it has become more frequent with iOS7. Fortunately, it is something that can be fixed and we will present you a method that works well in general, but it is specially effective when using iCloud backup and iTunes Match. Following a few steps, you will be able to delete songs from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Go to Settings, tap on Music
2. Disable iTunes Match
3. Turn off the option that says Show All Music
4. Exit the Music app from the task switcher and then restart it.
5. Try again to delete the songs. To delete complete albums, tap on the Album view
6. If you want to delete all music, go to Settings, then General, Usage and select Music and tap on Edit. Then you should see the Delete button. Tap on it to delete all the songs.
Keep in mind that this will not remove music that is stored in iCloud. This is because as part of the steps, the Show All Music option was disabled in order to ensure that you could delete other albums, meaning that the music that is located in iCloud will still be available there.

If you enable the Show All Music option, you will see that other songs appear on the app. This will give you the option to download the music from iCloud to your device and once it is in your local storage, you will be able to remove it.

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