How To Create An Aesthetic Laptop

Modern times have changed the way people live and do their daily activities. From virtual meetings to online tutorials, everything has become more challenging. These remote activities have people glued to their laptops for most of the day.

So why not make everyday challenges more inspiring and motivating by decorating your laptop? Your laptop will look more pleasing, so your daily tasks will be more fun!

Laptops are easier to decorate than desktops, so apply anything you want, like stickers, colorful sleeves, or protective cases.

Cartoon patches, stickers, and doodle icons set with hand drawn colorful design elements and objects in 80s and 90s style
Cartoon patches, stickers, and doodle icons in 80s and 90s style

But don’t overdo it! Laptops with lots of overlapping stickers create visual chaos, and it’s hard for strangers to tell one sticker from another without getting uncomfortably close.

Instead, choose accessories complementing your laptop’s color, dimension, and overall appeal.

Are you excited about your laptop makeover? Here are some ways to make your laptop chic, fancy, and aesthetically pleasing.

Use Decorative Stickers

Using stickers for your laptop is one of the most efficient and effective ways to give new life to your device.

Stickers are easy to apply and have many options to choose from, such as traditional, rustic, pop, tech, music, and arts.

Stickers are also a great way to hide your laptop’s flaws, such as scratches and stains. So, instead of spray painting your notebook, use stickers instead.

You can also use creative stickers to change your laptop’s keys, especially if you want to learn other writing systems, such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. However, you should just get a new keyboard for that.

Decorating your laptop is like designing an extension of yourself. It’s fun to play around with ideas to make your laptop look cooler and more appealing.

Aesthetic Background Wallpapers

Wallpapers are another great way to make your laptop look good without spending money and putting in a lot of time and effort.

Like stickers, wallpapers allow you to unleash your creativity and put your unique imaginative touch into your laptop.

Opt for wallpapers with natural landscapes, such as forest greens or morning dews, to uplift your mood and energy.

In addition, if you want to use more than one, you can compile them in one folder and allow them to be on display constantly for every five, ten, or fifteen minutes. This effect would make your dashboard look and feel fresh and new.

You may also opt for funky, pop, or retro vibes to keep you more awake while working. You can choose from different themes, a particular one that will tickle your fancy.

Use Vinyl Decals

If you can’t find the stickers you want to use, you may customize yours with vinyl decals. This decorative design will allow you to pour your interests directly into your device. These may seem complicated, but it’s not.

You start by choosing the design that you want. Then, sketch it using a black marker on a matte sticker paper. You want this to be matte to prevent the marker ink from spreading.

After that, you apply the paint using a spray applicator. Once it’s dry, you apply it to your laptop.

Besides, if you’re going for a more creative yet simple look, you can use transparent plastic stickers instead. Plastic stickers are perfect for people who want decals with improvised metallic effects on their laptops.

Customize A Cover

Can’t find the cover perfect for your laptop? Why don’t you try creating and customizing one?

Start by choosing a photo that motivates or inspires you the most. It could be your favorite movie icon, cartoon character, personal hero, natural landmarks, members of your family, your close friends, or even your pets.

Laptop and case on white background isolation
New laptop case for your dull laptop

Then, you can print it on vinyl, so it’s simple and easy to apply on your plain laptop case.

Final Words

Today, many activities, both for kids and adults, can be performed in the comfort of our homes. However, it’s human nature to get bored with repetitive tasks, so change it up with some new laptop decorations.

New stickers, custom covers, or vinyl decals will liven up your environment so you can concentrate on work or school. Be creative and experiment with your own original designs.

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