How to create a DVD from an MP4 in Windows – What is the most convenient solution?

Everyone seems to prefer digital format these days, but old school DVDs are still quite useful and in many occasions, they are the ideal way to make sure that you have your video files with you when you need them. If you are looking for the best method to transfer your MP4 video files to a DVD, keep reading as we will help you to find the answer. Although there are many programs that claim to be the right option when you need to burn your MP4 files to DVD, some of them don’t work as they should, or they are packed with bloatware.

One of the most convenient and easy to use solutions is DVDStyler, a free tool compatible with Windows and Linux that allows you to create and burn video files on DVD with professional precision. With this open source software, you can also create customized DVD menus, which is a very convenient feature. DVDStyler supports a wide range of formats, including MP4, AVI and MOV and it allows you to create photo slideshows and to add multiple audio and subtitle tracks.

The tool stands out for its user-friendly interface and the variety of useful options that it offers to personalize the menus. The downside is that it contains a considerable amount of ads, so you need to be careful during the set up process to avoid installing annoying junkware. We will take a look at the steps that you can follow to install DVDStyler, making sure that you get the most out of the tool without worrying about bloatware. This guide will let you take advantage of the practical features that the tool offers to create a DVD with your MP4 files.
1. Go to to download the latest version of the software.
2. Double click the executable file and select Yes in the User Account Control dialog box. This would simply grant DVDStyler access to the hard drive, enabling the installation on your computer.

3. Choose the language you prefer from the dropdown menu and click OK.
4. On the Setup Wizard Welcome Screen click Next. This will diplay the first advertisement, but you can click Skip to avoid loading your computer with unnecessary applications that only take up space. Keep in mind that another window will appear trying to convince you of the usability of the special offer and you will need to click Cancel to avoid installing it.

5. Just when you think that you got rid of the annoying ads, another screen will appear showing you another special offer. This time, you will need to uncheck Install Live Support and then click Decline.
6. The next screen will show you information about the DVDStyler license. Now you can click Next to move on with the installation process.
7. Click Next again to confirm the installation location. You can opt for the Default option (recommended) or browse to choose a different location.
8. Once again you will need to click Next to setup the Start Menu folder called DVDStyler. You can also keep the default on this one.
9. Click Install to complete the process.
10. On the Completing the DVDStyler Setup Wizard window, click Finish. It will take only a few seconds until DVDStyler is ready to run.
11. You can now burn your MP4s by dragging the files into the DVDStyler window and pressing F9. This will open the Burn option dialog box. Verify that the option to create ISO image is selected and choose an appropriate name for the file. Click Start to create the ISO.
12. Once you have created the ISO, you will be able to burn it to a DVD.
In spite of the adware, DVDStyler is a great and simple option that works very well when you want to burn your videos to a DVD. It allows you to design the DVD menu as you prefer, supports multiple formats and gets the job done without complications. As we previously mentioned, the software is free to download but you can donate to help the developers to continue working towards the improvement of the tool.

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