Best healthy eating apps for iPhone and iPad

Healthy eating is a top concern for many people and understanding the importance of a balanced diet is crucial to feel and look well. Nutritious food can have a very positive impact in your life and will help you to stay fit and full of energy. Technology has come to serve many aspects of our lives and nutrition is not the exception. Thanks to a great selection of food apps that focus on healthy recipes, you can conveniently work towards implementing more nourishing ingredients in your daily diet. We have chosen the apps that can help you to achieve a good nutrition, thanks to the useful information and delicious recipes that they offer to benefit your health.

Calorie Counter Pro
This comprehensive and easy to use diet app, will allow you to plan your meals, keep track of your food intake and exercise and keep you motivated to improve your eating habits and lose weight. It has an extensive database, which can be accessed offline and a built-on barcode scanner that allows you to keep track of what is in your food and control what you eat. It also helps you to track your water intake to make sure that you are drinking enough to stay hydrated. With Calorie Counter Pro, you will get daily and weekly analysis to find out how you can improve your diet. You can get this useful app for $3.99.

It is not a secret that one of the essential aspects of eating well is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. They contain important nutrients that are beneficial to our health and that wellbeing. With Harvest, you will be able to find the best quality of produce in the market, so you can enjoy fresh an delicious fruits and vegetables every season. The app is a useful a guide to understand how to select and store the best produce items thanks to useful advice and tips. It will show you the pesticide levels so that you can opt for organic alternatives. Harvest is available for $1.99 and you can use it offline.

This is another good app to select the best fruits and vegetables available and enjoy them when they are at their peak. It provides detailed information to help you choose the freshest food according to the season and your location. It offers data for Australia, United Kingdom, Western/Central Europe, Canada and United States. Season lists over 200 items with description and seasonal information so that you can find the best local produce when is naturally fresh. You can download this app for $1.99.

Fooducate is recognized as one of the best nutrition apps available and many health professionals recommend it due to the detailed level of information that it provides. If you goal is to lose weight, stay fit or learn how to choose the right food, you can rely on Foodcate to help you eat healthier. You can scan a product barcode and the app will give you information about it. It will also offer you healthier options. You can track you food intake and exercise. It is also possible to interact with the Foodcate community. This app is available for free in the App Store.

This free app developed by health social network MedHelp, combines healthy eating with social features, allowing you to stay fit by sharing with others pictures of what you eat. You have probably seen countless pictures of food on your friends profiles but this app puts this food photo obsession to good use. With PicHealthy, you can take pictures of your meals, rate them as healthy or unhealthy and let your friends mark them as well. You can get points for eating well and by sharing your eating habits with others, you may be able to stay motivated to maintain a good diet or get back on track if you over-indulged in junk food.

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