How to Hard Reset an Android Phone

If you are experiencing issues with your Android phone such as slow performance, or if it freezes and remains unresponsive, you can try to perform a hard reset or alternate reset. This would also work if you are unable to remember the device’s password. In case you can’t access the factory data reset options through the settings, you would still be able to perform a factory reset on your Android smartphone, following the information that we will share in this guide.

A factory reset is the ideal solution when you are having problems with the touch screen, or when you are unable to navigate seamlessly on the phone. It would also suit if your device can’t be turned on properly. Resetting your Android device can help you to solve many issues and we will go through different methods to perform resets on your phone, without having to navigate on the touch screen. In most cases, you can even reset when the phone is not on.

Hard resets – What you need to keep in mind
Before you can perform a hard reset, you will need to ensure that your phone is fully turned off and not just locked. In case the phone is not responding and you are unable to turn it off using the power button, you would need to take the battery out, count to ten and then place the battery back in, without turning the device on. You would also need to make sure that the phone is not connected into a charger. The phone needs to be completely turned off, otherwise the reset will not be effective.

It is also important to remember that there are different hard reset methods. Alternate resets would normally require you to press a series of key combinations. The series of keys involved in the process will depend on the phone’s model and manufacturer, as well as on the Android OS that is used on the device. The method varies between phones so it is important that you follow the steps that suit your particular device. In some cases, you would need to try the reset multiple times before it actually works.

Another thing that you should take into consideration, is that a reset is permanent and you can’t go back once it is completed. While the content on your SIM card or memory card will not be affected, all the data saved on your phone such as pictures, apps, text messages and photos will be gone. However, a reset would also get rid of bugs, viruses and glitches, which is why it is a good solution. Just make sure that you regularly backup your phone to avoid data loss. If you are already in the process of performing a hard reset, you may not be able to backup, but if you have the option, do it.

How to prepare your Android phone for a hard reset
To perform an alternate reset you would most likely need to turn off the phone, press a combination of keys, access a recovery/testing screen, choose reset and then the phone would turn off and then on by itself. The time to complete the process depends on the type of device, but it normally should take 5 minutes or less. After the phone is rebooted, it would behave as if it did when it was brand new, which will allow you to customize it and use it as you did before. As we previously mentioned, there are different methods to perform a hard reset, but these are the most common techniques:

Option 1
The phone should be powered off, then you can press and hold the Volume Up and Down keys simultaneously, then press and hold the Power key until you get a test screen. It usually takes around 20 seconds for the screen to appear and it displays some options, which you can navigate by pressing the Volume Down key. When Factory Reset is highlighted, press the Power key and select it.

Option 2
Turn the phone off completely, press and hold the Volume Down button and then press and release the Power button. Continue holding the volume down button for about 15 seconds, until you see additional options appearing on the screen. Press the Volume Down button to go through the options available until Factory Reset option is highlighted. Press the Power button to select this option.

Option 3
For this method, the phone also needs to be powered off. Then you can press and hold the Home button down. While keeping the Home button pressed, turn the device on by pressing the Power button. When the Android system recovery screen appears, release the Home key. Press the Volume Up and Down buttons at the same time, while you are still on the Android system recovery screen, then release all the buttons and use the Volume button to navigate down the “wipe data/factory reset” option. When this is highlighted , press the Power key to select it. You will be asked to confirm wipe of all user data, to do this press the Volume down button to mark the “Yes- delete all user data” option. Press the power button to select it.

Option 4
Turn the device off, press and hold the Home button, the press and release the Power button at the same time. When you get to the Android system recovery screen, press Search. Tap to select wipe data/factory reset and then choose Ok, at the bottom left of the screen. In case the screen is not responsive, use the Volume button to scroll down and the Camera button to select. Then choose “Yes – delete all user data” and select Ok. Choose reboot system now and press Ok.

Option 5
This is a commonly used hard reset method, which suits Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4,S5 and more. To perform this hard reset, you would need to turn off the device, press and hold the Volume Up button, the Home and Power button simultaneously. Keep all the buttons pressed until the phone vibrates, or until you see the Galaxy logo. Then release the Power button, but keep Volume Up and Home pressed.

When the Android system recovery screen appears, release the Volume and Home buttons. Scroll down using the Volume button and highlight wipe data/factory reset. Select this option by pressing the Power button. After the factory reset is completed, you can highlight and select the “Reboot system now” option using the Volume and Power buttons. This will return your phone back to its original state and you it will feel like it did when it was brand new.

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