Gregorian – A Cydia tweak that allows you to get iOS 7.1 Calendar App on iOS 7.0

While many people may soon move to iOS 8, iOS 7.0 users with a jailbroken phone may not have even changed to iOS 7.1 in order to keep the jailbreak features. One of the main changes in iOS 7.1 was the Calendar app and thanks to a Cydia tweak, users can enjoy the Calendar functions available in iOS 7.1 without the need to upgrade. The advantage of the Calendar app in iOS 7.1 is that it shows events in the Months view and it includes holiday calendars.

Gregorian is an exact port of the iOS 7.1 Calendar app and it is the work of Ryan Petrich, who is known for releasing patches that allow jailbreakers to enjoy new iOS features. It is available for free from his own repo at Gregorian allows iOS 7.0 users to access all the features from iOS 7.1 and it is installed as a separate app, instead of being set up as an add-on tweak. You can get Gregorian following the below steps:

1. Add Ryan Petrich’s repo to the Sources section on Cydia and then refresh the packages. To do this, you just need to tap in Changes, followed by Refresh.
2. Go to Manage, then Sources and find his repo
3. Install Gregorian
4. Restart your iOS device

After installation, you will see the Gregorian icon, which is essentially the same Calendar app but with features that are included in iOS 7.1. You will be able to access a summary of events and you can sync and share with data of your old Calendar app. In fact, you can keep the native iOS 7.0 Calendar app and use it as well, in case you have any issues with Gregorian.

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