Google announces Project Tango

Project Tango smartphone was recently unveiled and with it, Google wants to show that it is set to to change the way users see technology. Project Tango tablets are next in line according to some reports and it has been said that over 4000 prototype devices that include 3D image functionality are to be presented during Google’s I/O, the annual developers conference that takes place in San Francisco between Wednesday June 25th and Thursday 26th. The  top-performance 7-inch device features their advanced Project Tango software, which works with dual rear cameras and infrared sensors that capture the user’s surroundings to display high quality 3D images. The earlier version of Project Tango was designed with a 5-inch smartphone with a motion tracking camera and depth sensor.
Google released a video to announce Project Tango, which shows that Tango devices would allow capture of your environment and track your position as you move. Some of the possible everyday uses that their technology would allow would be to integrate the image of your surrounding with your favourite game to create an interactive experience. Or you could map your living room in order to shop for suitable furniture online and even find the exact item that you are looking for in a shop as you walk in.
Even though the devices are still under development, and there was not mention of a commercial release date, it is believed that Google has already made available tools for developers that want to create apps for the Project Tango platform. The company has not confirmed if  they are also working on a Project Tango tablet. However, it is very likely that they will give more information about Project Tango during the I/O conference later this month.

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