Gliph: A messaging service that protects your privacy

Technology has made communication efficient and easier. Thanks to internet and the arrival of instant messaging services, we can stay in touch with our family and friends abroad as often as you wish without getting huge phone bills. These services can also be a helpful business tool that enables a company to reduce costs and save time. Security is one important aspect that you need to guarantee while you are sharing information with others through a messenger service. Gliph is a convenient free messaging app that offers top security for your communication. With Gliph you can ensure that your conversations remain private whether you are using your smartphone or the web browser version in your PC. The app supports picture messaging and you can share videos and links as well with the confidence of knowing that your identity is protected. To find out more about what makes Gliph a good option when you want to keep your chats private, let’s take a look at what their offer.

Gliph can guarantee the privacy of their messenger service thanks to the 256-bit SSL and AES-256 encryption that secure your data. All the messages that are sent and received through Gliph are encrypted, which means that they will not be accessible by third parties. As an enhanced security measure, Gliph also offers its users the possibility of using Lockdown Privacy Protection that lets you disable the Password Reset option to ensure that your account won’t be compromised. With the Gliph Cloaked Email feature, you can also enjoy security in your email communications. This email privacy option allows you to hide your email address for outgoing and even incoming messages.

Setting up Gliph
Gliph is easy to set up and easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app, which is available for iOS and Android you just need to create your Gliph ID, using a mix of 3 to 5 images known as “Artifacts”. The selection of icons that compose your Gliph ID can be chosen according to what you want or alternatively, you can press “Go Wild” to get a combination automatically selected for you. Then all you need to do is to enter a password, your email to starts using the app. You can invite your friends to join Gliph by SMS, email or Facebook.

Email Privacy
The Gliph Email Address Cloaking tool is an additional option that will enable you to protect your email messages. This is a paid service but costs only $2.99 and will give you the possibility of using an anonymous email address that works within your regular email correspondence. This is an ideal service when you need to use am email address on public forums in order to register or post and you do not want to share your actual email address. Managing your Cloaked Email is easy and you will have the possibility of keeping track of the emails you have sent. It is also possible to block email addresses to ensure that you will not receive spam or unwanted messages.

Gliph is a must-have messaging service for anyone that wants to protect their data and ensure the confidentiality of their communications. Gliph is a convenient and innovative cross-platform app that is not only secure but also user friendly. It ensures that all the data and personal information that you send and receive in your messages is encrypted. Nowadays, our privacy is under threat and it is important to use all the tools available to make sure that our information is protected. Gliph is free to download and will keep all your conversations secure.

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