Getting rid of Undesired Attention in Foursquare

Nowadays you don’t even need to follow someone in order to find out exactly where they are thanks to Foursquare. Even though this app is great to discover new places to go, earn points by checking into your favourite restaurants or coffee shops and why not, to show off your active social life, it is important to be cautious. Unfortunately, Foursquare could be an ideal tool for stalkers and it could also get you into trouble if you told a little lie. If you rejected an invitation to go to the movies with the excuse of being sick and then you check in a nightclub, things can get sour. If you want to enjoy Foursquare without having to worry about creepy stalkers you are better off following these easy instructions to block people in this app.

1. Go to the Foursquare app.
2. Access Menu by swiping to the right
3. Select Friends
4. Search for the person that you want to block by entering their name in the search field at the top and tap in their name to go to their profile.
5. Below their name, you will see “Friends”. Tap it and select “Unfriend”.

Once you have completed these steps, the person that you have Unfriended will not be able to see your check-ins. Keep in mind that if they go to an specific place’s page and you are there, they may see this information. However, you can block that too if you go to your Foursquare account settings and untick the “Include me in the public list of people who are currently checked-in at a venue”. This way, they will not be able to see that you are in an place even if they go to the “Here Now” section of that specific location’s page.

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