How to get the most out of Gmail for iPhone & iPad

Gmail is quite popular and its mobile version counts with millions of users that prefer it as a simple solution. The fact is that many iPhone and iPad users have chosen the Gmail app over the Apple Mail app because it is easier to set up and to use. Even though Gmail received some criticism after being launched, due to its limited features, nowadays, it is considered t as the one of the most solid and complete email option. There are some things that you can do in order to fully enjoy your Gmail experience and take advantage of all its best features. The following is a list of what you can do to enhance your Gmail use.

Open links within the app instead of with Chrome
usually when you tap on a link included in an email, Gmail opens it with Chrome, it this is installed in your device. If you prefer to access the links within the same app, you can disable the apps that you don’t want to be opened by default when you access Gmail. This is what you would need to do:
1. Tap on the gear icon to access Settings
2. Scroll down and select Google Apps
3. Disable the apps that you don’t want to open automatically (apart from Chrome, you can select Maps, YouTube, etc).
4. Tap “Done”.

Configure multiple accounts
With the Gmail app for iOS, you can sign up using multiple accounts and it gives the possibility of managing all your emails from the same place. This is what you need to do to setup additional accounts in the Gmail app.
1. Swipe left in the Inbox to get the list of mail options
2. Tap on the account and then on Add Account
3. Sign in your Gmail account. It will be automatically added to the rest of accounts in your Gmail app

Add a drawing to your emails
A fun feature that many users will enjoy is the option of drawing doodles and attaching them to your emails. This is not only a cool function but one that can also be useful when you want to save time and rely in an doodle that could say much more than thousands of words. This is what you need to do to put your drawing skills to the test in Gmail:
1. Tap on the new email icon to compose a message
2. Select the attachment icon on the right of the subject
3. You will see an option to attach a photo or to draw scribble. Tap on Draw Scribble and create your own doodle
4. When it is ready, tap on Done and the drawing will be attached to your email
Label Emails
It is possible to add labels to emails that you want to mark to make them more relevant. This is very simple and will allow you to keep those emails easier to find.
1. Choose the email that you want to label
2. On the top – right side of the screen, you will see a small down arrow, tap it.
3. Tap on Label and select the appropriate one
4. Tap on Done

Create a signature for Mobile
This feature gives you the option to let your recipients know that you are emailing them from your mobile device. Setting up a mobile-only signature may be useful if you need to make others aware of the fact that you are on the go and may not be able to reply in detail. You can add a mobile-only signature following the blow instructions:
1. Go to the inbox and swipe left to get the sidebar options
2. Tap on the gear icon to access the Settings option for your account
3. Scroll down and activate Mobile Signature. You will have the option to edit it there.
4. Select Done and your signature will be included in the messages you send from your iPad/iPhone

Add a Vacation responder
Another option to customize the emails sent from your iOS device is to add a Vacation Responder, which will let others know that you are currently not able to attend your messages due to holidays. This is very useful for your work phone. You can select the time period during which the Vacation Responder should be sent. This is how you can set it up:
1. In the account settings, below Mobile Signature, you will find Vacation Responder, enable it
2. Select the date and the message that should be sent
3. Tap Done on the top

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