Genie9 Timeline Professional Review

TheGenieProtecting your documents and keeping track of any changes is crucial, particularly if they are related to a long-term project. While nowadays everyone is aware of the importance of backing up, the truth is that it is very easy to forget to save your files on time and as a result, the risk of losing data is always lurking. Fortunately there are great solutions designed to make the backing up process very simple, ensuring that your important files remain safe.

Genie9 is a well-established developer, with an extensive experience in the backup software industry. The company has created a good selection of products that offer solid protection for home and business users. Genie Timeline Professional is a product that combines ease of use with professional features, making it an ideal solution for basic backup tasks, as well as advanced requirements. The software offers fast and continuous backups, plus it supports high level encryption to keep your data secure. This is how Genie Timeline Professional can simplify the backup process.

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Getting Started

Just like the previous versions, the 2015 edition of Genie Timeline Professional starts with a user-friendly interface that lets you define the backup job easily. The installation takes only a few minutes and even if you have never tried a similar program, you will be able to complete the set up without major issues. Once you have Genie Timeline Professional in your computer, you will discover its clean and simple control panel where you can manage all the backup functions.

The main backup tasks are organized in three sections: Restore, Manage Backup and Tools. You can hoover over these categories to find the options to start a new backup or modify the data selections. When you choose to create a new backup, the Setup Wizard will be launched and with it, you can easily go through the backing up process. The different types of files are listed in colourful tiles (videos, music, pictures, documents, etc.) and you can select the ones that should be backed-up, as well as the location where you want to save them.

The software is designed to take care of the backups within a few simple steps and you can leave the whole process in Genie Timeline’s hands. However, if you prefer to have more control over the backups, in the “My Computer” section, you also the option to manually choose specific files and folders that you want to protect. In any case, you will be able to customize the backup process with the help of filters that will narrow down your selection. For instance, you can ask the program to exclude certain folders or file extensions. The use of filters allow you to complete backups with convenience and accuracy.


Once the settings are selected, Genie Timeline Professional 2015 will work in the background, taking care of your files and ensuring that they are protected. If you add new tracks, pictures, or make changes to a document, the program can detect this and whenever you are not using your PC, it will copy the files to the backup drive. Even if the system is shut down, Genie Timeline can resume the backup as soon as the computer is restarted. You can also schedule backup jobs if preferred.

The scheduling tool is simple to configure and it offers multiple options to start your backups. Regular backups can be set up as often as every 3 minutes, or once a day. You can also schedule backups at a determined time, or on certain days of the week. By enabling the IntelliCDP function, you can let Genie Timeline choose the most suitable backup frequency. The programme makes the decision based on the file type and size.

To protect sensitive data, Genie Timeline Professional gives you the possibility of securing your backups with 256-bit AES encryption. In the Backup Options, you can also enable compression to save space and there are additional options like Email backup, which supports clients like Outlook and Windows Mail. Bookmarks for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera can also be backed up with Genie Timeline Professional. The program also works for ISO images and virtual machine images.

Another possibility available is to use file retention options to manage old versions. You can get Genie Timeline to delete file versions after certain period of time, or specify an overall limit for the backup size. The Auto Purge will automatically delete the oldest versions of the file, but you can disable this option in order to save all the versions. With Genie Timeline, you can keep track of changes made to your files as you can view different versions arranged by date. You can also back up files from a specific moment in time.

The Disaster Recovery function gives you peace of mind as it helps you to get your files back, even if your computer is affected by a virus. The feature enables you to protect data including programs and system folders, ensuring that they can be recovered in case something goes wrong. If you have issues starting Windows, Genie Timeline provides a bootable Linux-based environment, which allows you to restore your backup and get things back on track.

There are different alternatives to restore your files, including recovering previous versions of a single file. In the Timeline Explorer, you can review all versions of the files that have been backed up. The Search tool allows you to look for specific files and by following the Advanced Restore, you can choose additional settings to restore files. Furthermore, there is a Recycle Bin so in case you delete a backed up file by mistake, you can find it there and restore it with just one click.

Genie Timeline Professional offers different performance modes that adapt to a variety of needs. For instance the Smart Mode automatically adjusts memory and CPU based on your computer usage. Turbo Mode is the ideal option for fast backups as it runs in full speed. If your laptop is low in battery, you can opt for the Power Saving Mode. The Game/Movie Mode prevents disruption and pop-ups when you are playing a game or watching a movie. You can also control when to pause/resume backups and more.

The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8. There are also mobile apps that allow you to receive notifications about the backup status so you can monitor the progress and stay updated, even if you are away from your computer. You can get a lifetime license of Genie Timeline Professional 2015 for just $54.95. A 3-pack is available for $89.95 and the 5-pack costs $149.95. You can also download a free trial to test the service before purchasing a full license.


Genie Timeline Professional 2015 offers a fast, continuous and efficient backup solution for your data. It is a powerful and easy to use tool that makes the backup process simple and allows you to recover files from any point in time. With only a few steps, you can ensure that your documents, photos and videos are secure. Genie Timeline backs up the latest version of a file, while also giving you the option of keeping older or deleted versions. The 2015 edition gives you flexibility and further control over the backup process with a wide selection of useful features. Genie Timeline Professional is a comprehensive, affordable and lightweight backup software that works seamlessly without affecting your computer’s performance.

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