Freeing up storage space in you iPhone

For many people, their iPhone is more than a device. After all, it holds pictures of important events and people in our life, as well as our favourite songs. It also allows us to stay in touch and keeps us entertained, as well as informed. With all the apps and files that we have in our iPhone, there will soon come a time in which we run out of space. The good news is that cloud services can come to the rescue in these cases and with a little organization and will power to let go on those files and apps that we don’t really need anymore, it is possible to make space for media that is really important.

Get rid of old test messages
Media files take a big chunk of space in your iPhone but text messages can also become a burden for your device if you let them accumulate. Bear in mind that some texts include videos or photos, which would make them larger, contributing to leave your iPhone without space for more content. Take a moment to go though your texts and delete anything that is not really relevant.

Delete or back up videos and photos
Sometimes we let our inner photographer go wild and end up taking snaps of anything that crosses our path. While some pictures may be worth keeping, chances are that there are also many that should not be in our iPhone anymore. Remove any photos and videos that are just wasting storage space and move the ones you want to keep to iCloud, Apple’s online storage that offers 5GB of space. Alternatively, you can use other cloud services such as Dropbox, which offers 2GB and Google Drive that gives you 15GB. You can upload your pictures using Wi-Fi or 4G.

Get rid of the apps that you do not use
There could be a handful of apps that you absolutely need and some that you from time to time but others may just be taking space in your iPhone without any purpose. To ensure that you are not wasting precious space in your iPhone, remove any unwanted software and leave enough space free for what you really need.

Use iTunes online
For many users, their iPhone acts as their MP3 player but if you hold your full library of iTunes, you will not have any space left. The best thing to do is to take advantage of the fact that Apple’s iTunes works very well online. If you are connected to internet, you will be able to play all the songs and watch the videos that you acquired from iTunes, even if they are not stored in your iPhone. Furthermore, you can set up a subscription to iTunes Match and make sure that all your favourite files are available in the cloud. This will allow you to delete songs and leave only a few that you would like to have accessible when you are offline.

Be mindful of In-app content
You may have an app that seems to have an original size that is not too big but if content has been downloaded through it, things can change and you may have a large library within an app that is taking a lot of space in your iPhone. Check for content that you do not need and that has been downloaded from one of your favourite apps and delete it.

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