Free Android Wallpapers that will bring your Android’s screen to life

Most people love to personalize their tablets and smartphones using accessories that will set them apart from the crowd. Choosing a wallpaper that suits your style is the first step to make your Android device truly unique. A great wallpaper can bring life to your device instantly and will let you enjoy every part of the Android experience, right from the start. Here we show you some of the most stunning Live wallpapers found in Google Play that you can download for free to add visual power to your screen.

Photile Live Wallpaper

photile screen
Photile lets you add movement to your favourite picture by transforming it into a grid of tiles that float, fade or slide across your screen. You can use any photo saved on your device or taken from internet, as well as any image captured using your camera and turn it into moving tiles. With Joko Interactive’s wallpaper, you can adjust the space, shadows, size and background colour of the tiles. Touch the screen and see the tiles dancing slowly around the screen or disappearing in an explosive shockwave.


Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper

Start your day with a beautiful landscape and the sound of birds singing with this wallpaper from Teragon. Sun Rise will put a smile on your face as you will enjoy amazing views of a morning sky with clouds moving peacefully and maybe even a rainbow. This wallpaper is a great way to welcome the new day looking at the serene sky at dawn and the first rays of light shinning through the trees.

Earth HD Free Edition

Get a magnificent view of our blue planet from space with this fascinating wallpaper from Mozg Labs. Earth HD will make you feel like an astronaut thanks to its realistic atmosphere and amazing settings. This wallpapers lets you keep the world on your device with impressive images of the planet’s rotation, which you can customize. You can also adjust the resolution and choose battery saving options. A remarkable wallpaper that will show you how peaceful and beautiful earth can be.

Aquarium Free Live

There are many aquarium wall papers available in Google Play, but Kittehface Software’s fish tank is the most entertaining one. You can adjust bubbles, light, change the background, add accessories and even select the fish that you want to see swimming around your screen. With one tap you can feed the fish or tap twice to get their attention. It offers great visuals and customization options that will bring fun and colour to your Android.

Cells Live Wallpaper Pro

cells live
Cells Live by Duel Up is a simple but fun wallpaper that personalizes your Android’s screen without consuming a large amount of battery life. Its design features modern hexagon cells that you can touch or swipe to create light diffusion or different types of ripple effects. You can change colour settings to suit your style and enjoy amazing movement with this impressive wallpaper that will capture your attention at first sight.

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