Foursquare is Reorganizing their Services

Foursquare has plans to launch a new app called Swarm this summer. Swarm will be available for Android, iOS and later on, Window Phone and it would focus in the check-in service, while Foursquare will receive a make-over and will move towards becoming a discovery and recommendation solution. Based in the feedback received from their users, Foursquare created Swarm with the intention of allowing people to meet up and organize plans with their friends as they will have the chance to see who is nearby and what are they up to.

Once Swarm is launched, Foursquare will take care of the discovery function, providing information about restaurants, bars and places of interest. The company indicated that the decision to establish an specific service for check-in was taken after analysing data from their customers regarding their preferences when using the app. Apparently, the majority of people that has Foursquare only use one of the features of the app: either they want to locate their friends through check-ins or they are in the look for a place but they rarely use the two options in offer.

Foursquare intends to give users the chance to explore the nightlife and everything that their location can offer, as well as getting recommendations from experienced users and tips about the places they want to go to. This should allow users to find the right spot based in what they are looking for, instead of just a list of every business of that type that is located in the area.

Using their extensive database that counts with over 5 billion check-ins, Foursquare will include a vast selection of places globally and it will be more intuitive. Through GPS technology, Wi-Fi networks, cell tower triangulation and more, it will be able to determine your exact location even when you do not check in. It is expected that the app will display personalized recommendations for users, based in the places that they visit more often. Even if you do not check in, Foursquare will be able to use your mobile device to identify your preferences based in the frequency of your visits to restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

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