How to fix an iPhone that keeps restarting

One of the most annoying issues that iPhone users may experience is having a device that continuously shuts down. This may not be a common occurrence but the fact is that is something that happens to many iPhone owners. Your iPhone may be working as normal and then, without any apparent cause it shuts off or freezes. The worse part is that once you have restarted, the same thing happens over and over again. If you have recently acquired your iPhone, you may still be entitled to a replacement without additional cost. The best option for new iPhones would be to contact Apple support or bring the device back to the store to see if you have the option to replace it. However, if your iPhone is not responding and you are no longer eligible for a replacement, you can keep in mind the following recommendations:

Why does my iPhone shuts down all of the sudden and how to fix it?
While it is difficult to establish the exact reason why your iPhone continues freezing and restarting, it seems to be an issue that mainly affects older models such as the iPhone 3GS. The problem may affect older iPhone models as they upgrade to the latest versions of iOS. However, since iPhone 3GS does have the capacity to run recent iOS versions, it is unlikely that the issue is linked to incompatibility. Regardless of the cause, there are solutions that you can implement when your iPhone restarts, freezes or shuts down constantly.Here is what you can try in order to deal with the issue:

Remove faulty apps
Even though the vast majority of the apps in the App Store are reliable, some of them may turn out to be responsible for the issues that are affecting your iPhone. If you have recently downloaded an app and afterwards your iPhone started to freeze/shut off, you should try to delete it. After removing the app from your iPhone, reboot it and then sync with iTunes to confirm is this solves the issue.

Turn off Cellular
This may seem like an unlikely solution but in many cases, the issue disappears by simply turning off the cellular data and then turning it on again after a few seconds. While it is important to keep in mind that this will not work in every case, it is worth trying it out since it is such a simple thing to do.

Restore an old backup
Another option that may help you to get the issue sorted is to restore from an old backup. While attempting this solution may be challenging when your iPhone is continuously restarting, you may still be able to give it a try. Connect to iTunes from your iPhone and then restore from an old backup.

Use Recovery and restore mode
This is the most effective solution in the majority of cases, even though it is more difficult to try doing this when your iPhone shuts off or restarts too often. In order to give this option a try, you will need to follow these steps:
1. Keep the power and home button pressed until the screen turns off.
2. Connect to iTunes. Your iPhone will appear detected as in “recovery mode”.
3. At this point, you will be able to restore your iPhone, setting it up as new, which should help you to get rid of the problem. Hopefully, this will sort things out and get your iPhone working again without any hiccups. Otherwise, you may need to go back to step one and bring the device to an Apple authorized service provider.

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