Find your Car with Google Search

After a day of shopping, you head to the parking lot carrying tons of heavy bags and start looking for your car. Unfortunately, you don’t remember exactly where you left it and who can blame you, after all, every level looks the same. Your memory may play some tricks on you, or you simply will find it impossible to remember if the area were you parked was A1 or B-Orange and that Blue Volvo that you parked next to and that you were hoping to use as a reference is nowhere to be seen. In summary, looking for your car in a busy parking lot can feel like going through a maze that doesn’t seem to have an exit.

Luckily, Google has come up with a solution for this nightmare. The Google Search app for Android has been updated and it now features Parking Location, a great option that guides you through the tricky operation of finding your car in a puzzling parking lot. You can download the app for Free in Google Play store and enjoy the Parking Location feature which syncs up with your GPS and identifies the moment you get out of the car. When you are heading back to your car, the Parking Location solution will point out the location of your car on a map and will give you directions to get there.

There are other helpful features in the 3.4 version of Google Search such as traffic status notifications that will allow you to avoid closed roads and find alternatives ways to get to your destination.  Additionally, the new version is easier to customize and is able to recognize your frequent contacts to save them according to your relationship with them. This will help you to establish reminders to keep up with your friends and family. Google Search’s updated version is available now for Android but it is not known yet when will it be launched for iOS.

How does it work

Get Google Search 3.4, the latest version of the app, which is the one that offers the Parking Location feature. In order to confirm that you have the right version, you may tap “Help and Feedback” on the app. If you require to download the new version, go to Google Play store.

Go into the Google Search  app (you will find it in Google Now cards) and select the magic wand icon. Tap on “Everything else”, then “How do you usually get around” and select “Driving” to let the app now that you are often behind the wheel.

The app uses GPS and your smartphone’s sensors to recognize movement and establish if it is in a car, a bike or if you are walking. When you park your vehicle, a card will pop up in Google Now with a map that shows your estimated location. You can get more precise results using Wi-Fi and turning on the Location settings. When the card appears, tap it to expand the map. You can also see previous locations in case you have stopped more than during the same trip.

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