What features does the Galaxy S5 offer?

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is already one of the most popular Android smartphones available in the market and that is understandable, given its enhanced features and innovative options. Compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 offers a faster performance, thanks to its Snapdragon 805, a larger display of 5.1 inches and a more powerful battery. If you do not have a Galaxy S5 yet but are considering it as an option, you may be convinced with this list of features that make the Galaxy S5 a great choice.

Great camera features
The Galaxy S5 has a 16 megapixels camera sensor that features a real time HDR mode for videos and photos. This function allows you to take fantastic pictures even when the lighting conditions are not the best. The focus time is impressive at just 0.3 seconds. There is also a Shot & More mode that launches other options such as Eraser Mode, Best Face and Drama Shot.

Finger Scanner
The Galaxy S5 has fingerprint scanner as part of the home button, which is a feature that Apple also offers in its iPhone 5s. However, Galaxy S5 stands out by offering more options to use with this function. Apart from unlocking your device with fingerprint recognition, you can also use it for online shopping and make secure transactions with PayPal and other payment providers.

Heart Rate Monitor
Samsung’s new star smartphone includes a sensor that can monitor your heart rate. The sensor is located on the back of the smartphone, near the LED flash and it allows you to keep your health in check. The in-built heart monitor works in conjunction with the S-Health app that is very handy while you are exercising.

Enhanced Water Resistant Design
Samsung has previously offered a water and dust-resistant version of their smartphones with the S4 Active. That option has been improved with their new smartphone and it is available in all S5 models. Another touch that sets the Galaxy S5 apart is that the back cover is available in multiple colours.

Brightness and colour adjustment for your screen
Thanks to the new ambient light sensor, the display offers a clearer and sharper image. This automatically adjusts the screen brightness and also modifies the contrast ratio and colours to make sure that you can see the content of your screen even when there is intense light conditions such as direct sunlight. The settings are also adjusted based on the content on screen usingobject recognition.

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