FaceTime not working? Try these alternatives

Many users have experienced issues with FaceTime after upgrading to iOS 8. While Apple aims to address this and other bugs with iOS 8.1.1 (the most recent firmware update), there are alternative apps that can help you to stay in touch with your family and friends even if you are still unable to use FaceTime. Some of the apps in our list are very popular, while others may be new to you, but they have one thing in common: they are all great options to make online video calls on your iPhone.


SkypeMost likely, the first name that comes to your mind when you think about video calling is Skype. This convenient service has truly changed the way in which we see long distance calling. Thanks to Skype voice and video calls are easy and cheap. You can chat for free with anyone that has the app installed on their device and unlike FaceTime, Skype is not only available for Apple users, which means that you can stay in touch with anyone, regardless of the platform. Millions of people are using Skype without any cost, but you can add as little as $4.99 USD of credit to enjoy cheap calls to mobiles and landlines.

Google + Hangouts

Google-HangoutsGoogle’s ease of use and flexibility is available on your iPhone with a messaging app that covers a wide selection of features and options. It lets you exchange messages, share photos and make free individual or group video calls. You can include up to 100 people in a group chat and hold video calls with up to 10, making it a practical option for international business meetings. As with other apps, you can make calls to other Hangouts users for free and connect with friends and family across different operating systems.


TangoTangoMe’s app is a very popular and versatile free messenger that offers a complete social experience. You can talk, message, share photos, play games and much more with this mobile social platform. Tango allows you to meet new people and to stay in touch with friends and family. It also provides access to videos, news and personalization options to make your calls and texts unique. With Tango, users around the world can expect high quality of voice and video calling for free and there are also in-app purchases to enjoy additional features.


fringIf you are looking for a simple, fun and truly convenient app that lets you enjoy video and voice calls with up to 4 people simultaneously. Fringland has created a communication solution that gives you the possibility of staying in touch with different loved ones at the same time. You can easily arrange group video calls to catch up with relatives or friends that are in different parts of the world. If you need affordable calls to mobiles and landlines, you can use subscribe to their monthly plans or purchase a fringOut package.

Yahoo Messenger

yahoo-messengerThere was a time when Yahoo Messenger was the coolest way to chat with others as it was easy, fun and offered multiple options to connect with old and new friends. It is not only about nostalgia, Yahoo Messenger is still a great alternative for users that want to send text messages and make video or voice calls. The app may not have the same strong set of communication features or efficient performance that you can enjoy with apps like Skype, but is you have a Yahoo account, this is another convenient solution that you can use for free.

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